How to Ship Cheaper for Small Businesses


Made for Shippers

DesktopShipper features are designed for any type of business model from start-ups to enterprise businesses to fulfillment companies.

Check them out below. 


CSV import allows users to import order information from a simple CSV file,  then rate and process, and export shipment data all from within the DS UI.


DesktopShipper offers shippers the ability to integrate to our software with an Open Database Connection (ODBC), allowing shippers to take advantage of all the features listed below.


Need to create a one-time order? Create orders manually in our system with the ability to automate your one-time orders quickly and efficiently.


DesktopShipper makes order management a breeze! Simplify your workflow by linking to marketplaces and instantly pull orders in real-time. Everything you need to manage your store will be in one, centralized view.


Order management is the administration of business processes related to orders for goods or services. Our order management system (OMS) automates and streamlines order processing for businesses. The main objective is to deliver the order on time, with the needed specs, and with the minimum cost, all while providing the ability to tie in directly with various order sources (marketplaces, inventory systems, warehouse management systems, etc.).


Automate shipping with marketplace carrier mapping. This intuitive feature allows you to take a shipping method and map it to a specific service or service group. More importantly, you can easily map distinct preferences that make sense to your orders.

With Carrier Mapping implemented, businesses have the option to choose how they segment their shipping based on their business model:

Offer Option 1: Standard vs. Expedited Shipping.

Offer Option 2: Customized to Specific Carriers (i.e., USPS Priority Mail, FedEx 2Day, UPS Express)

Once a business has decided on a shipping offer, and their customer has chosen the shipping method desired for their order at the checkout, this information is routed through our system, mapped, and rate-shopped. This process ensures that the customer receives their item via their chosen route while saving the retailer money in the process.


Assign a packing slip to a customer or marketplace, choose when and where you’d like the packing slips to print, and select your packing slip size. For your convenience, choose from a 4″ x 6″ or 8.5″ x 11″.


Feeling overwhelmed by all of your orders? Create custom filters for everyday use and group your incoming orders by a wide range of criteria such as ship method, SKU, item locations, the marketplace, or weight.


Subscribed filters are specific to your company and your processes. Our system categorizes the orders. The API does the work for you. Setting up detailed subscribed filters in advance saves your company time and money.


Subscribe filters ensure that your company can run your shipping effectively. When you organize a filter by size and weight, you can grab the correct boxes for those orders. Supply Chain Management is about effectively getting things to your customers. Use subscribe filters to maximize productivity and efficiency.


Picklists allow users to quickly generate a report associated with a batch, consolidating every item that needs to be picked for packaging. Choose what criteria to sort by, such as SKU, location, title, or quantity. This report gives you every detail you need to pick your items in bulk, including item images.


Use our Scan Verify feature to scan product barcodes to verify that the correct items are being packed— eliminating the potential to ship incorrect items. This feature will lower the likelihood of the customer receiving the wrong product or quantity! Available in both on-premise and cloud applications.  Use for quality control to ensure proper pick and pack.

Our Scan Verify tool allows our users to scan UPC, LPN, and SKU barcodes to confirm that the correct items have made it into the right box. Utilizing this feature helps minimize packing errors, creating more accurate inventory and, in return, happier customers.

When scanning a barcode for Scan Verification, a notification will alert the user when an error has been encountered and will not move the items from Available to the Included Items List. This feature allows you to detect packing errors and confirm that the contents of every order are correct.


DesktopShipper partners with the best of the best in the industry. Our partnerships allow for our customers to run their business smoothly and ship smarter. DesktopShipper helps bridge the gap between consumer purchases and front door delivery by seamlessly integrating orders from your marketplace and back to your carriers.


Rate-shop all orders based on preferred carriers set by you or your customers to get the best price per parcel, zone, weight, and size. This rate-shopping is happening in real-time without having to change pages within our UI.

DesktopShipper is the only company to show you comparative rates in real-time. Our UI uses the order details and your carriers to show you different shipping options and other carrier options. The rate and delivery mode presents cost options in real-time, and you always choose the preferred shipping method. You also can rate shop in batches. Save money without losing quality. Save money without disappointing customers. Save money and save time with our live rate shopping feature.


Customers now have the ability to markup carrier rates in DesktopShipper. Set rules to add a markup either by a percentage or a flat fee to the overall shipping costs. Be specific by adding markups by the carrier, shipping service, or even specific zones and weight breaks. Advanced markups are tied to your Shipping Profiles to make it easy to specify which orders get which rates.


There are plenty of APIs out there that only offer the basics. They have a flat rate, but you get only one part of their service. DesktopShipper offers it all. Our API is stacked because we are committed to watching our clients grow and succeed. No need to spend more money to get that extra service or technology; we have got you covered! 


Profiles allow you to define your unique shipping requirements for each integration. First, you can set your origin and return locations for each profile. Then, you link your carrier accounts to a specific integration. Overall, you can connect locations, integrations, packing slips, shipping markups, carrier accounts, and marketplaces with this easy-to-use DesktopShipper feature! 



Let us double-check where your orders are going! Our real-time address validation determines whether an address is commercial or residential. Above all, it verifies if the order address exists and catches errors that may have been inputted by a customer.


DesktopShipper's Advanced Search tool also allows you to create custom filters by order and item level criteria such as ship method, the marketplace, SKU, etc. You can create and apply these filters as a one-off, or have them run against your orders all the time.


Effectively organize and assign batches with our batch management feature. Additionally, you can update order details in bulk, set a printing sequence, and rate your batch in seconds. It doesn’t matter if you have 50 or 50,000 orders-- our system allows you to process orders in a matter of seconds! 


DesktopShipper allows for your system to be organized by specific batches allowing for customization and ease. 


Organize your batches by the carrier, customer address, the day the order was processed, etc., to print and ship your orders the way it works for your company. With batch management, you make the rules.



Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime allows you to display the Prime badge on orders you ship directly to customers. In short, by making your products Prime eligible, you can significantly increase your sales.


Leverage our shipping API (Application Programming Interface) and access multi-channel order management across leading marketplaces to simplify order fulfillment. Instantly access today’s lowest carrier rates and personalize your business rules faster than ever before.

  • Flexible shipping API can adapt to many different use cases. 

  • Whether you are a developer or know nothing about coding, we offer multiple levels of specificity.


All of DesktopShipper's support is in-house. At any level, you get all of our customer service options available to you. Rated some of the best customer service in the market, we are committed to helping our customers grow and succeed.


Automate customs forms by utilizing and storing order details from marketplaces to generate specific package information. DesktopShipper uses order data to automatically fill out the required customs form for your shipping destination.

An essential part of international shipping is ensuring that completed customs forms are provided for every order. DesktopShipper collects all order information from integrated marketplaces and then auto-fills customs documents to ensure no delivery errors. Users can also set automation rules for line items containing customs data, which can be saved to process orders even faster.

International shipping can be complicated. Different countries will have other policies and regulations.


Orders must provide all information required for customs forms:

  • Sender name and address 

  • Receiver name and address 

  • Item descriptions 

  • Item quantities of items

  • Item value

  • Package weight and dimensions

  • Shipping date 

  • Invoice number

  • Terms of payment 

  • Non-deliverable procedures


DesktopShippers API is a general-purpose system with the ability to customize. Most of our current customers enjoy our general-purpose API. Though that is the case for many clients, our software engineers have built out and customized our API to fit specific business needs.

We are one of the only companies on the market that allow for a general-purpose system and advanced customization. Companies that need specific customized features generally ship more than 2,000 packages per day and are considered enterprise companies. Other times we have customized our API is for niche e-commerce companies.

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