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implementation service Pricing

Our implementation services help your business integrate flawlessly into our software. We are here to help you through the whole process and get your business started without any glitches. Throughout the implementation process, DesktopShipper will also use that time to teach and educate on our system to help with the transition. 


4 Hours

  • Shipping Consultation 

  • Up to 3 Carrier Account Setups

  • Marketplace and Selling Channels Integration

  • Configure User Profile (Location, return location)

  • Configure Workstation (printer, scale, scanner) 

  • Set User Roles and Preferences 

  • Configure Carrier Mapping and Service Group

  • Configure Batch Management Settings

  • Training

Starting From:



8 Hours

  • Includes Everything in Starter

  • Set Up 5+ Carrier Accounts

  • Create Multiple Customer Profiles

  • Setup Box and Dimension Configurations 

  • Integration Setup for WMS, Inventory, and ODBC

  • Integration Testing and Data Validation

  • Setup Scan Verification Rules and Automation 

  • Setup Customs Form Automation 

  • Configure SKUs and Product Information

  • Configure Third-Party Account Mapping

  • Setup Email Automation for Shipping Information 

  • Carrier Hazmat Setup 

Starting From:



12 Hours

  • Includes Everything in Pro Setup

  • Configure Conveyor 

  • Setup Packing and/or Air Machine

  • Multi-Location Setup (TWO DS ACCOUNTS)

  • Configure Custom Integrated Packing Slips 

Starting From:


Have a Specific Integration?

The following integrations require specific implementation tiers to be used: 


  • Channel Advisor

  • Fulfillment Houses

  • Veracore 

  • ODBC

  • 3PL Central


  • Channel Advisor (If Connecting Multiple Stores)

  • Camelot Setup 

  • Netsuite 

  • API Setup 

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"Change can be challenging. That's why here at DesktopShipper, we have a dedicated team of diligent specialists to help you through your transition. Your implementation technician will be a guiding voice on the road to a seamless shipping solution."

Megan K.
Senior Implementation Manager


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