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Tools For a Successful E-commerce Site

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Most e-commerce companies think about infrastructure on the backend -- the website, the APIs, the technically logistical side of running an e-commerce business. They tend to forget about the physical things you need to ship your products to customers.

6 Items to Have on Hand to Run a Successful E-commerce Business:

Laser Barcode Scanner

This scanner is a great way to keep track of your inventory and product SKU. When a customer orders something, items can come in various sizes and color options, so pulling inventory can get confusing. Using a scanner for verification reduces errors and ensures a great customer experience. Don't waste time matching SKUs or manually verifying the correct items are ready for shipment. They're easy to use and save you time and money!

Direct Thermal Printer

Having a thermal printer that allows printing directly onto thermal images is a lifesaver. Direct Thermal printers work by using the heat of the print head to cause a reaction in the coating of the label paper. This printer allows for batch printing, packaging, labeling. Yes, technically, you can batch print using a regular printer. The downside of using a standard printer is that it will not have a thermal label and force employees to fold, cut, and tape it to the package. Time becomes wasted, and as we all know, time is money.

Thermal Labels

You can't have one without the other. Once you have acquired your thermal printer, now you have to fill the printer with thermal labels. There are no ribbons used in the printer, meaning many customers find it a straightforward and cost-effective solution to implement. Just load the labels and go. These labels allow for easy print and stick shipping and are an inexpensive option for high turnover inventory solutions. This one is a must-have.

iDimension 100

We know that for some small businesses, the price point may be a bit high. Still, if you are a larger business sending various sizes, items, and weight of boxes, then this is the business time saver you never knew you needed! This item will weigh and calculate your package's dimensions for you in 0.2 seconds and equips users with durable dimensioning functionality and operating versatility. This device is the fastest way to guarantee you get the best shipping rate by ensuring all of your dimensions and weight are correct.

Various Boxes/Packaging

Depending on business size, we suggest always having extra packaging boxes/mailers/tubes on hand. You never know when you'll receive a massive influx of orders and need to figure out what products fit in what size box. If you only carry products below a specific size, try your best not to over-order and waste material or money. It's best to get examples of different boxes and practice packing various order combinations to know what works best before investing in a packaging infrastructure.

Bubble Wrap/Packing Peanuts/Protective Foam

Regardless of style choice, shipping filler is unique to the company and the company's products. If you are shipping fragile and expensive items, you will need more filler and caution when packaging. Companies that are not carrying breakable items might not even need these materials. It all goes back to your brand guidelines and customer expectations. Like the boxes, having a big back stock on hand is only beneficial to you and your company!


Additional items could be included on this list, such as packaging tape, measuring tape, packing stickers, and even thank you cards or marketing flyers. Brainstorming and narrowing down all the shipping elements you may need is best to ensure your bases are covered. Once you figure those items out, make sure to visit shippinggear.com for all your needs.

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