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Preparing for Q4

A Collection of 2021 Resources to Help Businesses Be 'Holiday Ready' with DesktopShipper!



2020 Don't Get Stuck in a Holiday ShipShow

Our 2020 Holiday E-book is free to download. Despite the numbers being different, the tips and tricks for handling Q4 are still very applicable. Don't get stuck in a Holiday ShipShow and download our e-book! 

2021 Holiday Readiness Guide

DesktopShipper and Pitney Bowes have partnered to bring you the best information to prepare for holiday e-commerce and shipping.  2021 is going to be a tumultuous year for e-commerce shippers. Put your best foot forward with this guide! 



Navigating Q4 in 2021

Q4 or the holiday season is the largest shopping quarter of the year. Don't get bogged down and be ready to handle anything that comes your way.

How to Plan for Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday is a HUGE deal with e-commerce businesses and tends to be overwhelming. Make sure you're fully prepared with our blog!

9 Ways to Prevent
E-commerce Fraud

E-commerce fraud is detrimental to business and commerce. Though this type of fraud is increasing there is a way to prevent it!

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Common Holiday Season Challenges and How to Overcome Them

The holiday season is challenging for e-commerce businesses but that doesn't mean the headaches aren't worth the rewards. Take this holiday season by storm with our tips! 

Balancing Labor Shortages with Higher Demand for Goods

2021 is proving to be challenging with labor shortages and e-commerce growth. It's important to know the challenges and learn what is the best way forward. 

What you Need to Know About Peak Season Surcharges

Peak season surcharges are imposed by almost every carrier to offset costs and ensure packages will arrive in time. It's important to know all the facts before shipping this quarter. 

Case Studies 

Fulfyld Grows with DesktopShipper

After switching to DesktopShipper, Fulfyld, a third-party logistics company became more efficient and scaled their business effectively. 

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One Sheets

Last Mile Logistics

Last Mile Logistics is how consumers get their packages and keeps companies running smoothly. It is also the hardest part of small parcel shipping. Become an expert with this free resource!

International Shipping

As international shipping grows so too do the laws and industry changes. Keep up-to-date and be prepared to ship overseas for the holidays!

Don't Forget About Returns

With holidays comes a myriad of returns. Returns are a crucial part of the buyer cycle and can make or break customer loyalty. As we say, don't forget about returns!

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In the News


Projected E-commerce Growth for 2021 Q4

With e-commerce sales projected to increase by 11-15% this holiday season, e-commerce sellers who remain flexible and offer options for order fulfillment will be in a position to grow this holiday season and beyond.

How to Plan For Shipping Delays During the 2021 Holiday Season

The big news for Q4 is extended shipping delays for customers and businesses. Keep informed so you can pass along that information to your clients. 

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It's NOT too Early to Strategize for Holiday E-commerce

Entrepreneur says it's time to take the phrase, "Christmas in July" seriously! And, while July has come and gone, early preparation remains key to surviving this holiday season.

Carrier Peak-Season Surcharge Information

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