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With an industry as complex and involved as shipping, we have taken the time to make the tools we provide simple and easy-to-use. 


The ShipV2 update represents

the next evolution in innovative shipping solutions to assist in managing small parcel logistics. ShipV2 is a versatile and secure shipping application that can be used by businesses in a variety of industries, including e-commerce, retail, manufacturing, and warehousing, providing the flexibility to handle even the most complex shipping needs.

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Improvements for 1:1 Processing
and Batch Shipping

THIS IS A PLACEHOLDER - NEED MORE INFO - Our award-winning rate shopping process just got that much better. With ShipV2 find batches quicker; rate shop batches from multiple windows; void in batches instead of individual orders

Insurance Powered By
Parcel Protection

DesktopShipper is excited to announce an official partnership with Parcel Protection to bring shippers innovative insurance programs and new value-added services to enhance their customer’s experience. This new program improves efficiency, eliminates frustration, streamlines claims administration, and reduces duplicate efforts and wasted time. With intuitive technology to deliver superior customer service and unparalleled claims resolution, Parcel Protection provides the security needed to be confident your packages are protected, while in transit, from unexpected loss, theft, or damage. 

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Easily Navigable Filters

We know that a shipping process is a size fits all. In order to help make strategic decisions, dashboards provide a means of delivering, grouping, and visualizing information. We have updated our Dashboard to allow managers to view processed orders in relation to user productivity and other key performance indicators, which allows managers to see # of orders processed daily by individual shippers. The information contained in these reports can assist in identifying opportunities and alerting you to changes.


"We can't imagine where we would be without DesktopShipper! Our business has scaled and grown year to year with DesktopShipper and they come fully loaded with a long list of marketplace channels to integrate with!"


"We are able to get more orders out the door because of the ease to batch print like shipments. We are currently shipping 5,000-10,000 orders daily through DesktopShipper."

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"The web interface, desktop application, and expansive features have made Desktop Shipper the ideal partner for Elevate Fulfillment's multi-client

e-commerce facilities."

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