In today’s modern marketplace, retailers and fulfillment centers depend on secure, versatile, and user-friendly order management systems to streamline their processes and create the best possible experience for customers. One way to ensure a successful process for both you and your shoppers is to customize your own application programming interface (API). Shipping APIs can improve your company’s flexibility and effectiveness, overcoming any logistical challenges unique to your company to create the most cost-effective services.

If you’ve been in the market for a shipping API, DesktopShipper is here to provide complete shipping and automation services. Our shipping software provides an expansive platform that is intuitive, accurate, and easy to use. We are proud to offer the best shipping solutions in the industry, and we can help to streamline your operations to free up more of your time and resources.

Today, we’ll discuss how APIs work, as well as the value of signing on with DesktopShipper for all of your eCommerce shipping needs. Start your free trial today to get started!!

How Does an API Work?

An API allows two different applications to communicate with one another and share data in a single interface. This technology can be tailored to your store, providing the building blocks needed to easily integrate with other partners. Shipping APIs allow your business to integrate with mail carriers across the globe, automating the complexities associated with worldwide shipping while providing clear, concise information for sellers, buyers, and carriers. Once your API integration is done, you will have access to each carrier’s full network.

Partner With Quality Carriers

Integrating your eCommerce business with the top carriers will provide major boosts to your business’ success. DesktopShipper integrates FedEx, UPS, USPS, and DHL APIs among others to ensure your business benefits from multi-carrier shipping options. Our shipping software allows you to effortlessly compare rates and services to deliver the best features to your customers. This also helps you to guarantee the best rate for your shipment.

Beyond the top carrier APIs mentioned above, DesktopShipper can also integrate your system with carriers which include:

  • OSM Worldwide
  • Wizmo
  • RR Donnelley
  • APC
  • Newgistics
  • Globegistics
  • Asendia
  • OnTrac

Comprehensive Shipping Solutions

The power of integrating your shipping services with the top carrier across the globe can deliver an impressive range of support. Shipping APIs allow you to network your shipping activities with numerous carriers, dealers, and locations. From small enterprises to large corporations, order fulfillment can become simpler and more effective than ever with a proper API integration.

Quality APIs offer clear documentation of coding, streamlined interfaces, reliable shipping results, and more. You can customize your program to include only what is needed for your store, allowing partners to easily integrate with your parameters to create ideal shipping solutions for customers.


Increase Your Business

One of the top causes of shopping cart abandonment in eCommerce platforms is the totality of extra costs. From taxes and fees to the final shipping costs, your affordable products may be left in the dust in favor of competitors with more favorable and simplified shipping options. These days, retailers are able to leverage a variety of affordable shipping methods to entice customers. Lowering your shipping costs can do a lot to boost your bottom line, regardless of the product’s price or availability.

DesktopShipper is here to provide the full range of benefits shipping APIs can offer, including:

  • Interface simplification — Your company can take advantage of a clear, simple interface that is scalable to grow as your business grows.
  • Ideal shipping resources — Being seen in today’s marketplace can be a challenge, especially if you don’t have the shipping options to match your top competitors.
  • Reliable shipping experiences — A quality API will automate your process, creating a safe experience that will entice customers to return for future products.
  • Real-time package tracking — Many customers want the convenience and peace of mind of real-time tracking, providing insight into where their products are. Nobody wants to stress about their package arriving, which is why this tool is beneficial in keeping customers up to date.
  • Address validation — Address changes, failed deliveries, and other unexpected problems can impact customer satisfaction and damage your reputation. Our shipping software provides address validation services to help guarantee an accurate and timely delivery.

Quality in Coding

The success of your API integration with quality carriers such as UPS and FedEx will depend on the precision and functionality of your site’s code. Quality code integration will increase shipping convenience and reliability, but programming your own code will prove to be very labor-intensive. DesktopShipper’s API features simple integration measures and API wrappers to further automate your shipping services. Our industry-leading shipping solutions are backed by professional support to ensure your system is functioning optimally.

Try DesktopShipper Today!

Our automated shipping services are available to help you save time and money for your business. From one-person shops to Fortune 500 companies, eCommerce businesses can benefit from the simplification and versatility of our modern shipping software’s features. DesktopShipper is here to provide shipping that makes sense, streamlining your workflow in a manner that decreases errors and provides more for customers. If you want to increase your bottom line and streamline your shipping services, our cloud-based and on-premise software systems are available at incredible prices.

DesktopShipper offers ideal shipping API integration in addition to a variety of other cost-effective features. Check out our pricing to see how affordable our shipping solutions can be, and contact us online if you have any questions!