Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime

Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime allows you to display the Prime badge on the orders you ship directly to customers. As a result, making your products Prime-eligible can significantly increase your sales. DesktopShipper makes Seller Fulfilled Prime orders fast and efficient for customer satisfaction.

Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime


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"Seller Fulfilled Prime is the Prime program that allows you to deliver directly to domestic Prime customers from your own warehouse. By displaying the Prime badge, you are committing to fulfill orders with Two-Day Delivery at no additional charge for Prime customers. Amazon gives you access to the right transportation solutions to help you meet the high bar for the Prime customer experience."

Amazon Seller-Fulfilled Prime Badge

Reach the most loyal Amazon customers. With Seller Fulfilled Prime you can offer your products to our wide network of Prime members. By offering your products as Prime listings, Prime customers will be able to easily find your products as they use our on-site filters, giving your ASINs more visibility and discoverability.

Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime 2 Day Delivery

Seller Fulfilled Prime orders display FREE Two-Day Delivery messaging to Prime customers, making them more likely to make multiple and repeat purchases.