Brightpearl’s inventory management and order management software integrates with accounting, warehouse management, shipping & fulfillment, POS, supplier management, and CRM.




Brightpearl is the industry-leading operating system for retailers – and it’s the only one you’ll need to streamline, simplify and automate your whole business, including inventory management, order management, warehousing, fulfillment, shipping, purchasing, accounting, retail BI, and more.

BrightPearl 3360 Reporting

With Brightpearl’s advanced reporting, you dive deeper into the data that matters most to your brand. Get to know your bestsellers, most profitable sales channels, VIP customers, best suppliers, and even your best performing marketing campaigns, so you can invest wisely and get better returns.

BrightPearl Scalability

To succeed in the modern marketplace, brands like yours need more than a one-size-fits-all strategy from a single vendor. Our Retail Operating System boasts a market-disrupting suite of Plug & Play integrations, plus deep API and a certified partner network, that allows you to curate a changing roster of the best tech around.