Cubiscan's four main pillars are dimensioning, integration, software, and service. As an employee-owned company, they continue to strive to empower companies and help them work efficiently.




Cubiscan is the global leader in dimensioning with thousands of installations at many of the world’s largest companies.

Cubiscan's Software

Software is the brainpower behind any Cubiscan project. Decades of development have gone into creating software tools that utilize the data captured by a Cubiscan. Their Qbit software takes that data and creates opportunities for increased profitability and efficiency.

Cubiscan's Products

The Cubiscan dimensioning systems have been developed in partnership with our clients for specific needs and unique requirements. They’ve passed those innovations on to you with a wide array of products. Small stationery and portable machines, in-motion conveyorized systems, and large-scale dimensioners for pallets and much larger items provide the power of gathering dimensional data in any working environment.