Skubana is an all-in-one solution that unifies everything after the checkout for omnichannel merchants. It automates real-time inventory management across channels, order management, order fulfillment, forecast, and demand planning and provides you with detailed analytics on how your products have been selling.



Customer Centric

"We help today’s companies deliver on their promises."

Skubana's Integrations

Sell direct to everywhere, from one place. Seamlessly integrate all your products, fulfillment centers, and sales channels into one platform. So, whether you’re selling DTC, through wholesale, marketplaces, or all of that and more, you can always be exactly where your customer is.

Skubana's Technology

Boost your margins, bottom line, and organizational efficiency with obsessively detailed data on every individual SKU and operation. Combined with our predictive analytics, you can forecast your growth with total clarity and confidence.