1. DesktopShipper has enabled us to save money by knowing exactly how much a shipment will cost, and by immediately being able to see what is the cheapest shipping method based on the shipping rules we have implemented in the software.…Read More

    Dave M., General Manager, Capterra Review
  2. Desktop Shipper has a great customizable platform. It's good for companies that use an offline SQL (a lot of places don't support this) as well as it has some of the best most attentive staff garnered.…Read More

    G2 Crowd Review
  3. DesktopShipper is an incredible all around shipping solution! It works with almost every cart imaginable and can integrate with your order management system. If your business ships anything - you need Desktopshipper!…Read More

    Margaret K., Project Director, Capterra Review
  4. With DesktopShipper, we have the ability to ship all our orders, whether placed on our own website or on a marketplace. DesktopShipper saves us time by automatically updating our orders with tracking numbers after they ship and by shipping FBA orders without going through Amazon to buy shipping.…Read More

    Jen T., Project Manager, Capterra Review
  5. I like that Desktop Shipper communicates with both of our shipping partners and all of our marketplaces. They were able to streamline our procedures and eliminate manual entry. They are good with communication.…Read More

    Jen T., G2 Crowd Review