LF Logistics

LF Logistics is the supply chain partner of choice for companies looking to sustainably grow in Asia. Their network spanning Greater China, ASEAN, Japan, Korea, the Middle East, and the Indian subcontinent provides them with a strong “home court advantage” in this culturally diverse and economically active region.

LF Logistics


LF Logistics

"With home court advantage we help global consumer brands grow sustainably across Asia."


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LF Logistics

LF Logistics Value-Added Services

You name it and LF Logistics can do it. From co-packing, repacking, rework, or kitting to labeling, relabeling, tagging, retagging, postponement, and quality control, all their services are Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certified and our warehouses have their own VAS area, eliminating the cost of transporting products to another site for VAS activities.

LF Logistics

LF Logistics Omnichannel Shipping

Focusing on select verticals, they collaborate with their customers to design purpose-built solutions. Their contract logistics and global freight management solutions provide leading brands and retailers with holistic, integrated logistics solutions that take care of your products from when they leave the factory to when they reach the hands of your end consumer. LF Logistics aspire to be the most operations-centric logistics service provider, enabling our people and customers to achieve their full potential.