Online sellers have a lot of options when it comes to shipping automation. It’s important to find a shipping software that will grow your business in a scalable, versatile manner. With so many available, why should you choose us?

DesktopShipper is here to make life easier! Our software provides unparalleled precision and customer support, striving to grow your business through streamlined and proven processes.

Centralized Batch Management

Our shipping software automates data and logistics in real time, instantly pulling your orders for effortless organization. You can organize and assign batches to your shipping team, as well as trace their activity across your system.

DesktopShipper allows you to batch orders and print them for bulk shipping while streamlining large orders to create the most efficient shipping process possible. By simplifying this process, our shipping API frees up more time and energy for you to focus on more pressing matters.

Top-Notch Discounts

DesktopShipper is your partner for sourcing the lowest shipping rates through a large selection of carriers, including:

  • USPS®
  • UPS®
  • FedEx® 
  • DHL
  • OnTrac®
  • Many more 

Our shipping software relies on carrier-negotiated prices to ensure you are provided with a range of cost-effective solutions. We’re proud of our deeply discounted USPS rates, and will pass the savings onto you.

Barcode Verification

Accuracy is of utmost importance for businesses of all types, and when it comes to eCommerce, your deliveries need to be fast, efficient, and reliable to boost future revenue streams. DesktopShipper offers barcode verification which helps  you scan and verify your products and orders with ease. Reduce errors, improve accuracy, and thrive with us!

Simple Shipping Options

Our web-based, desktop, and API solutions make complicated shipping processes a breeze. All solutions offer batch management and custom filters to better accommodate your business needs. Specifically, our intuitive shipping application programming interface (API), streamlines large amounts of orders  to provide clear, reliable data to further empower you to take control of your revenue. 

No other shipping software provides the same level of versatility in one package, giving customers the ability to seamlessly access the best rates in the industry while simplifying order fulfillment wherever possible. 

Custom Pack Slips

With DesktopShipper, you can customize packing slips however you’d like! Personalize the customer’s shipping experience by adding your company logo or specific branding requirements to your packing slip. Assign a packing slip to a customer or marketplace, decide your own packing slip size including 4” X 6” or 8.5” X 11”, and determine when and where you’d like the packing slips to be printed. 


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CSV Versatility

Save time by uploading comma-separated values (CSV) files which contain your tabular data in plain text, allowing it to be accessed and organized in nearly any format. DesktopShipper allows you to seamlessly import  CSVs for batch shipping, further simplifying your shipping process. 

Enhance Seller Fulfilled Prime

Everyone knows the value of working through®. Businesses of all sizes and types can sell their goods in this marketplace, provided they meet their order fulfillment needs. Beyond the massive audience entrepreneurs can reach through Amazon, many businesses have found an edge by offering Seller Fulfilled Prime. You can instantly boost your revenue by making your items Prime-eligible, as most customers prefer free two-day shipping over most other options.

Features on Demand

Beyond the numerous advantages offered by our shipping software, DesktopShipper also offers our “Feature Request.” If you don’t see something you need, fill out a request form, and our support team will get in touch with you to develop an ideal solution for your business needs. We’re here to support your business!

Unmatched Integration Support

Integrating our shipping software into your existing program is essential in creating a cost-effective stream for future revenue. You can rest assured that DesktopShipper will provide a seamless transition, relying on our professional partners to unify all of your channels and marketplaces. Check out our integration partners, contact us online with questions, and be sure to request your demo to see how our features can benefit your eCommerce business!!

Our competitors offer integrations to import your orders and put you in connection with quality carriers and trending marketplaces, but nobody delivers integration support like DesktopShipper!

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