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USPS Cubic Pricing

USPS provides a discounted program called Cubic Pricing designed for high-volume shippers who send 50,000+ parcels per year.

USPS offers a discounted program called Cubic Pricing designed for high-volume shippers who send 50,000+ parcels per year. By signing up with DesktopShipper, all clients receive USPS discounted rates regardless of yearly shipping volume. However, please note that this special perk is only available for softpack and package parcel types.

So, What is USPS Cubic Pricing?

"USPS cubic pricing provides high-volume shippers with discounted rates on small, heavy parcels. Rates are based on parcel size and shipping distance, not on parcel weight," according to Pitney Bowes. Qualifying parcels can be rectangular, non-rectangular, or soft packs, but they cannot be roles or tubes. Cubic Pricing is best for companies who are shipping square and heavy packages. USPS cubic pricing is a great way to save money by eliminating weight as a cost factor.


USPS Cubic Pricing specifies commercial rates that a company can acquire when signing up for Pitney Bowes and DesktopShipper. Pitney Bowes is a trusted partner and helps ensure the best rates available with the USPS. Now that you know you can get cubic pricing no matter the number of parcels you send per year, here is how to qualify for cubic pricing with DesktopShipper:


Rectangular or non-rectangular packages must:

  • Weigh no more than 20 pounds
  • The longest dimension can be no more than 18 inches
  • Measure no more than 0/5 cubic feet

Softpack must follow these requirements:

  • The sum of the longest and next-longest dimensions must not exceed 36 inches.
  • The longest dimension must not exceed 18 inches
  • The smallest dimension must not exceed 2 inches

Commercial Plus Cubic Tiers:

  • Tier 1- mailpieces measuring up to .10
  • Tier 2- mailpieces measuring more than .10 up to .20 cubic feet
  • Tier 3- mailpieces measuring more than .20 up to .30 cubic feet
  • Tier 4- mailpieces measuring more than .30 up to .40 cubic feet
  • Tier 5- mailpieces measuring more than .40 up to .5o cubic feet

How to Measure Cubic Tier for Soft Pack and Padded Envelopes

Cubic tier measurements for softpack (poly, plastic, cloth, or similar soft packaging) and padded envelopes are based on the outside dimensions of length plus width, inches, and original packaging material.

  • Measure the length and width separately in inches
  • Round down each measurement to the nearest ¼ inch
  • Add the two measurements together. The maximum total length plus width cannot exceed 36 inches.

CUBIC FEET= Height x Width/1728


Determining Weight for Rectangular Parcels:

  • Measure the length, width, and height in inches. Round off each measurement to the nearest whole inch.
  • Multiply the length by the weight by the height.
  • If the result exceeds 1,728 cubic inches, divide the result by 166 and round up to the next whole number to determine the dimensional weight in lbs.
  • If the dimensional weight exceeds 70 pounds, the customer pays the 70-pound price.

Commercial Plus Pricing Tiers for Soft Pack and Padded Envelopes:



0.10 Mailpieces measuring from 0” up to 21”

0.20 Mailpieces measuring more than 21” up to 27”

0.30 Mailpieces measuring more than 27” up to 31”

0.40 Mailpieces measuring more than 31” up to 34”

0.50 Mailpieces measuring more than 34” up to 36.”


Cubic pricing is an excellent choice for companies shipping a large quantity of small and heavy packages and those who supply their shipping boxes and packaging material. Though your pricing will depend on the package's location, the cost reduces when you take weight out of the equation.



We tell you the best price when you sign up for an account with Pitney Bowes and DesktopShipper. Although cubic pricing provides excellent discounts, our system automatically compares and will choose the best shipping option if you follow these guidelines above, guaranteeing the best price and value for your shipments. Seasoned #shippers know that they will be saving money no matter what specific box size or item they wish to ship. With DesktopShipper's real-time rate shopping, let our API calculate the best shipping options for you!


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