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Solve your fulfillment challenges using DesktopShipper’s all-encompassing shipping API for e-commerce, which integrates advanced shipping functionality into your operations.

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Tackle your Pain Points


Disjointed Operational Silos

High Costs and Wasted Time

Lack of Transparency to Customers

Complicated System Integration

Ready to Centralize with Confidence?

Break down barriers between platforms and embrace a dynamic environment that connects your fulfillment network from purchase to delivery. Eliminate silos and gain the agility to adapt to market changes, leading to a more resilient and robust operation that scales as your business grows.

Cut Costs, Save Time

Through intelligent automation and refined processes, experience significant savings in both time and resources, allowing for reinvestment into what truly drives your business's success. With DesktopShipper, smart logistics means leaner operations and healthier margins. 

Boost Customer Loyalty

Craft memorable customer journeys by leveraging DesktopShipper's API to offer an unparalleled post-purchase experience. Offer your customers a transparent experience, while fostering brand loyalty and trust through consistent and exceptional service.

Bridge the Gap, Harmonize Your Systems

With DesktopShipper's API, integrating your OMS and WMS becomes an effortless affair. Streamline your workflow for peak performance and productivity, enabling a unified and efficient operation that allows your business to thrive in a competitive marketplace.

 Desktop Shipper API Call Examples

API Call Types and Their Functions

With a few simple API calls, you can unlock a suite of tailored functionalities designed to make your shipping operations smooth and reliable.

E-Commerce Platform

The API seamlessly integrates with your online store or e-commerce platform, allowing for the automatic capture of order details directly from all of your sales channels.

✅Automated Rate

Our multi-carrier shipping API uses advanced business rule logic to determine the most cost-effective service based on product attributes and requirement.


The API determines the most efficient packaging option for each order based on product dimensions and weight. This helps to minimize waste and reduce shipping cost.

Automated Label

The API can be used to print shipping labels automatically when an order is received or based on a trigger such as scanning the barcode to verify the correct items were picked and packed.


Our advanced API streamlines address verification, cross-referencing your details with an extensive, up-to-date database. It automatically corrects any errors or gaps, ensuring addresses are both validated and precisely optimized.

Advanced Tracking
and Updates

Once the package is on its way, DesktopShipper API promptly returns initial tracking information and continues to provide real-time status updates as the package progresses through transit.


The API can be used to create and modify profiles containing unique business rule logic and carrier integrations for warehouse locations and managed brands within your fulfillment network.

Integration with

The API integrates with your WMS to assist in routing orders to the optimal warehouse based on factors like stock levels and proximity to the customer. This capability can significantly speed up delivery times and reduce shipping costs.

API Carrier Rates

Why DesktopShipper’s API Stands Out

Our shipping API fine-tunes your shipping processes and empowers you with the agility to respond to fluctuating market demands. Gain precise control over your logistics, minimize errors, and customize your workflow to meet your unique business needs.


📦Post-Purchase Order Management

DesktopShipper's API is built on a foundation of secure, scalable technology, ensuring that your shipping operations run smoothly even during peak volumes. Our reliable infrastructure supports your growth, allowing you to scale with confidence.


🔄Ease of Integration

Our API comes with comprehensive documentation and dedicated support to assist developers in customizing solutions to meet specific operational needs. This user-friendly approach reduces setup time and enhances your ability to innovate.


🤝Your Trusted Partner 

Join the ranks of small startups and large enterprises that trust DesktopShipper for their shipping solutions. Our API is engineered to reduce shipping costs, streamline operations, and enhance customer satisfaction across various industries, providing you with the tools you need to succeed.


Have Questions? We Have Answers!

What is DesktopShipper's API solution?

DesktopShipper's API solution is a comprehensive shipping API that allows businesses to integrate advanced shipping and logistics capabilities directly into their existing systems and applications.

What functionalities does DesktopShipper's API offer?

The DesktopShipper API provides a range of functionalities, including order management, shipment tracking, rate comparison, label generation, and more. It is designed to seamlessly integrate with your systems for a customized and efficient shipping experience.

Is DesktopShipper's API suitable for businesses of all sizes?

Yes, the DesktopShipper API is scalable and customizable to fit any business size. Small e-commerce stores can easily integrate cost-effective shipping solutions that grow with them, while large enterprises can manage complex logistics across multiple locations efficiently. This adaptability ensures the API meets specific shipping and logistics needs, whether starting out or scaling up.

Can I use DesktopShipper's API to connect with multiple sales channels?

Absolutely. The API solution is designed to connect with multiple sales channels, providing a unified platform for managing orders and shipments from various sources.

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