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Let Us Solve Your Shipping Complexities.

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Looking for a New Shipping Strategy?



With DesktopShipper, you can sync, filter, and rate-shop orders from multiple marketplaces in one centralized view. 


Sick of overpaying on postage? Save on every package you ship by comparing carrier rates through DesktopShipper. 


Decrease errors in your shipping workflow. Above all, let our automated features catch inaccuracies you might miss.


Apply your own business rules. As a result, it will cut down the time it takes for you to get orders out the door faster.


Set an origin and return location for each shipping profile. Link your carrier accounts to a specific integration. 

Trusted Industry Integrations

DesktopShipper integrates with the very best carriers and supply chain technologies in the industry, cultivating those relationships to produce the most dynamic shipping software available to customers today. 

"We've been with DesktopShipper for over 12 years and never had to look for an alternative solution! Our business has scaled and grown year to year with DesktopShipper and they come fully loaded with a long list of marketplace channels to integrate with! The software is built to cover all business cases and their customer service team is truly exceptional, professional, reliable, and always available!"

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"DesktopShipper has been our savior! When we transitioned to their service from our former one, the onboarding team was extremely helpful and always there to get us exactly where we wanted to be. DesktopShipper has an amazing batching system that makes it very easy to ship to multiple recipients on a single order and has saved me countless hours since our onboarding. I have so many great things to say about the services this company provides and give it my highest rating possible!"


"Elevate Fulfillment used multiple solutions before implementing DesktopShipper. The web interface, desktop application, and expansive features have made DesktopShipper the ideal partner for Elevate Fulfillment's multi-client eCommerce facilities. Additionally, the Implementation and Support Teams are amazing and continue to be second to none."


Rick H, Elevate Fulfillment

Max S, Theo Chocolate

Marge K, GameQuestDirect

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