Maximize Your Shipping Strategy

Connect your stores, ship orders with 35 carrier options and discounted USPS rates up to 84%, track your package delivery, and more. 

DesktopShipper Cost Savings


Orders Fulfilled Yearly

Sync, filter, and rate-shop orders from multiple marketplaces through one centralized system.


84% OFF

Retail Shipping Rates

Access discounted shipping rates of up to 84% off with three shipping solutions that fit any growing business needs.



Shipped in GMV in 2022

$5B in GMV shipped in 2022, with customers relying on DesktopShipper to help save them time and money to grow their success.


E-Commerce Retailer 

Save Money Rate Shopping

Get the lowest shipping rates for packages of different sizes, weight, and transit times. By using DesktopShipper's rate shopping feature, businesses can save an average of $3.30 per order.

Easy Order Management

Import, tag, filter, and batch orders with ease. Manage product weights, dimensions, and customs required for international shipping.

Reduce Errors with Automation

Address validation, international customs automation, item verification, and rules for carrier selection.

Improve Shipping Visibility

Generate branded packing slips, custom shipment confirmations, and tracking status updates to create a more engaging experience for customers.

3PL Warehouse and Enterprise

Customized Fulfillment for Clients and Brands

Utilize options like branded pack slips and tracking, and customize rate markups and carrier routing.

Increase Throughput

Handle more volume with advanced shipping integrations like parcel dimensioning, print & apply equipment, and automated sortation integrations.

Expand your Fulfillment Strategy

Leverage DesktopShipper’s vast integrations to industry-leading fulfillment technologies and carrier providers so you’re always exceeding industry standards.

Batch Processing

Manage and fulfill batches of up to a thousand orders at a time via multiple users. Leverage batches to rate-shop orders in seconds to save time and streamline shipping operations.


Web Application

With DesktopShipper’s easy-to-use web app, you can manage all your orders, shipping rules, and label printing, right from the browser. Beneficial for businesses looking to ship a few orders or have a complex shipping strategy.


DSX is a workstation-based app, focused on a more controlled shipping environment while leveraging all the shipping rules of the web app. Connect DSX straight to your database for all your packing, shipping, and printing needs.

Shipping API

Use DesktopShipper's API to seamlessly leverage all our powerful tools and automation, within your current fulfillment process. Perform Real-Time Rate Shopping, ship orders, and track shipments, all within the comfort of your own system.


What Our Customers Say


Fulfyld, a full-service 3PL, needed a new shipping solution to handle the volume of orders they were shipping due to its rapid growth, as its previous system was not as fluid or robust as they were hoping.


DesktopShipper's Real-Time Rate Shopping and Scan-Verify tools allowed Fulfyld to utilize its preferred carriers while maintaining its 2-day guarantee, reducing shipping errors and costs.


In 2020, Fulfyld shipped over half a million packages through DesktopShipper's web app solution and scaled their business quickly, from 25 to over 100 clients, on average signing 2-5 clients weekly.


Previously, eFullfillment used an inadequate shipping solution, resulting in poor customer service, high costs, and the inability to increase volume. 


To address these challenges, eFullfillment opted for DesktopShipper due to its affordability, comprehensive features, compatibility with its operations, as well as its ability to support its growth goals. 


Since going live with DesktopShipper, eFullfillment's average monthly shipment volume has increased to around 67,000 packages. 


To avoid longer than average shipment times, Deliverzen needed a solution that could optimize their pack-out process and offer custom printing of shipping labels, packing slips, and packing lists for their customers.


Impressed by its white-glove customer service and powerful technology, Deliverzen turned to DesktopShipper to leverage Real-Time Rate Shopping and its integration with Cubiscan to streamline its shipping processes.


Since switching to DesktopShipper, Deliverzen has doubled its throughput on orders per hour per packer enabling Deliverzen to streamline its shipping processes and operate more efficiently.

"DesktopShipper has enabled us to save money by knowing exactly how much a shipment will cost and by immediately being able to see what is the cheapest shipping method based on the shipping rules we have implemented in the software. DesktopShipper has a team of wonderful staff that are willing to help us overcome any obstacles we face with shipping. Highly recommended."

“We've been with DesktopShipper for over 12 years and never had to look for an alternative solution! In fact, we can't imagine where we would be without DesktopShipper! Our business has scaled and grown year to year, the software is built to cover all business cases, and their customer service team is truly exceptional! Thank you DesktopShipper team!”

"Very positive overall experience. Over the past eight years, we have shipped over 600,000 parcels using this software. For a large shipping operation, I would highly recommend DesktopShipper. The rate shopping feature saves a lot of time and money. It is also a compact interface that is very easy to use. It is easy to get new employees up to speed and ensures items are shipped with the correct postage class.


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