Helping companies ship, save, and grow since 2004.

Becoming DesktopShipper

Throughout the 1990s, company founder, Jeff Ransom, dedicated his professional life to learning the shipping industry inside and out. Starting as a general manager for a regional Pacific Northwest carrier, then furthering his expertise by moving into sales, he quickly mastered his skills and knowledge of WMS, accounting, and shipping software. After many years in the industry, Jeff began to see the inefficiencies in the shipping marketplace and recognized many consumer needs were being unmet. Fast forward to 2004, he ventured out and created a shipping solution that would allow for efficient implementation and support of customer needs, while encompassing order management needs into a single UI. This would eventually become DesktopShipper.

Over the last 17 years, a small family-operated business has flourished, becoming one of the industry's most innovative shipping services, providing apt solutions to thousands of shippers worldwide.

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“DesktopShipper was built by listening to our customers and providing solutions that allow them to be successful and efficient in

e-commerce fulfillment.”


Focused on RelationSHIPs

Our mission, since 2004, has been to give shippers the power to succeed in a constantly evolving industry. DesktopShipper strives to support, assist, and help customers seek the information needed to succeed in the online retail industry.

Our Values


Striving to have the best shipping technology available.


Going the extra mile to fulfill our client's needs.


Doing the right thing,
every time.


Harnessing industry-leading relationships that empower every shipper. 


Fostering an environment that encourages personal and professional growth.

Our customers Process

millionS of

monthly Through DesktopShipper

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Our Departments


We offer all levels of support to all clients, at any level. We are happy to help our customers through simple and complex issues to help them align better with their business goals.


Development works behind the scenes to improve our technology. Listening to the markets and customers' needs. Our system is unique to other shipping solutions thanks to our Development team.


Our Implementation team is here to help you connect your marketplaces, carrier preferences, and other integrations. Your business works closely with one of our team members to ensure seamless integration.


Our overall day to day of business is run by our operations department. They oversee everything from project management of our services to customer support. 


DesktopShipper's sales team is here to give you a free demo. The demos are set up with specifications for your company. We make sure that you know how DesktopShipper relates to your company before your sign up.


Our marketing team is here to promote you! DesktopShipper wants our customers to succeed and grow. If you are interested in being featured or partnering with DesktopShipper please contact us.

Hear from Our Industry Partners


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"Merchants who work with Pitney Bowes prioritize high-performance and high-availability multi-carrier shipping systems for domestic and international delivery and returns. Our partnership with DesktopShipper delivers that to our merchants in a way that optimizes operations and maximizes profitability. We and our merchants are thrilled to have such a great partner."


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"As DesktopShipper’s authorized reseller of USPS rates, Visible Supply Chain Management has seen firsthand how reliable DesktopShipper has been in providing customers with automated solutions for their shipping needs. We take comfort in knowing that DesktopShipper will handle any and all referred customers with care. Likewise, we appreciate their willingness to advocate for Visible as we work together to optimize customer success within the supply chain space."

Award-Winning Technology

DesktopShipper is a privately held company that provides cloud and on-premise shipping software solutions to businesses globally. With highly adaptable and cutting-edge shipping technology, DesktopShipper allows companies of all sizes to rate-shop between a large selection of carriers, automate custom business rules, and integrate with various e-commerce platforms. DesktopShipper has been in business for over 15 years and continues to be an industry-leader by innovating and developing our software to guide customers to success.