Maximize Savings with
Real-time Rate Shopping

Access instant carrier rate comparisons tailored to your business needs, driving down costs with an average savings of $3.57 per label* compared to users not taking advantage of rate shopping.

RateShop to Save on Shipping Labels

*The average savings of $3.57 per label is based on historical data and may vary. Savings are calculated in comparison to rates available to users who do not utilize our rate shopping feature. Actual savings depend on various factors, including but not limited to shipping volume, package dimensions, and destination. We do not guarantee specific savings amounts for all users.


Shop Smarter, Not Harder

Shop carrier rates by automatically identifying the most cost-effective service for each shipment, not only saving you money but cutting out repetitive human decision making. This efficiency is crucial for businesses looking to scale their operations all while reducing costly mistakes.

Unlock Shipping Simplicity, No Dev Skills Required

Designed to be user-friendly, Rate Shopping does not require users to have developer skills, making it accessible for businesses of any size. Be in full control of your business and stop managing complex rules or paying development fees with other software to manage your carrier routing. 

Mitigate Risk with Carrier Diversity

Using a multi-carrier strategy allows for the selection of optimal rates based on cost, routes, service levels, and transit times. It also provides the flexibility to adjust volumes per carrier, which helps mitigate risks like service disruptions, price hikes, or capacity constraints.

Speedy Deliveries, Expanded Reach

Optimize deliveries nationwide, choosing carriers with the fastest routes for specific regions and orders. Extend your market reach to a wider geographic area, enhance a multi-client warehouse strategy, and outpace competitors with unparalleled delivery speeds.

Satisfy Customers, Secure Loyalty

Shipping can significantly impact customer loyalty and is vital in a market where cost and delivery speed are decisive factors in purchasing decisions. By optimizing rates and meeting delivery expectations, shippers can ensure customer satisfaction and encourage repeat business.

Save Big with Carrier Discounts

Reduce Shipping Rate Complexity

Facing high shipping costs? Say goodbye to overspending on shipping and hello to streamlined savings. With DesktopShipper’s real-time rate shopping, you’re not just sending parcels; you’re making every rate decision a win for your budget.

📉Carrier Rate Comparison

Even minor savings per label can add up to substantial cost reductions. By comparing carrier rates side-by-side, DesktopShipper uses pre-determined business rules to suggest the most economical option for each shipment, ultimately avoiding unnecessary spending on shipping expenses.

🌐Expand Reach, Go Global

Multi-carrier rate shopping allows shippers to broaden their geographic coverage. Various carriers often have strengths in certain regions or countries, which enables shippers to enhance their logistics network and either tap into new markets or bolster service in current ones. 

📦Warehouse Optimized

3PL providers can tailor multi-client delivery strategies, leveraging rate shopping to strike the ideal balance between cost and speed. Additionally, they can implement profile-based markups for strategic pricing, boosting profitability while maintaining competitive shipping rates for their clients.


Real-Time Rate Shopping
by Transit Time

In the world of e-commerce, timing is everything. Master the balance between speed and cost with DesktopShipper's transit time-focused rate shopping. Dive into how our advanced features are engineered to optimize your shipping process, ensuring your packages not only deliver on time but also without excess cost.

✅ Transit Time Precision: Automatically pinpoint the most cost-effective shipping option that aligns with your specific transit time needs, whether it's by business days or total days.

✅ Smart Cost Savings: Leverage our intelligent system that discerns when ground shipping meets urgent 2-day delivery requirements, choosing affordability without sacrificing speed.


Rating Call

Quick Start to Rate Shopping

Start by integrating DesktopShipper with your current e-commerce system via the Web App or by connecting to our Shipping API. This allows for the automatic retrieval of crucial order information from an ERP, OMS or WMS system, communicating order and product details required for the rating process. 

Product and Shipping Preferences: Detailed shipment information such as weights, dimensions, and handling requirements, as well as ShipTo and ShipFrom data are pulled from pre-established integrations for every order. 

Designate Preferred Carriers: Advanced Carrier Mapping and Service Groups allow customers to further dictate preferred ship-methods for orders, providing a spectrum of options for rate comparison. 

Trigger Real-Time Requests: The rate-shop feature is activated by clicking "Rate" within the system Ship Modal, or by configuring rules to initiate an automated API call. 

Review, Apply, and Ship: Manually confirm your choice, or automate the selection, and DesktopShipper will process the shipment details, generate the required labels, and help you manage the dispatch process efficiently.


Elevate Your Shipping with Real-Time Insights + Tailored Strategies

DesktopShipper's suite of rate shopping tools transforms shipping rate management into a competitive advantage. Access real-time rates, compare carrier options, and automate rate selection across a global network.

Time-in-Transit Rate Shopping

DesktopShipper’s time-in-transit rate shopping feature ensures that you find the lowest rate across shipping services while meeting customer delivery expectations. Avoid overspending on costly express shipments when a comparable ground shipping option exists at a lower price point.

✅Personalized Carrier and Rate Choices

Take advantage of personalized carrier options and rates that suit your needs. Our platform allows you to bring your own carriers, utilizing your existing relationships and rates for optimal advantage. Customize your shipping strategy to align with your preferences, guaranteeing the highest value from your selected carriers.

✅ Unlimited Carrier Accounts

With the ability to handle unlimited accounts per carrier, 3PLs can compare rates between multiple accounts, including client and house accounts, to secure the best rate every time. Our platform delivers unmatched flexibility and insight, enabling you to navigate account management and rate optimization with ease.

Seamless API Integration

Extend the power of rate shopping directly into your WMS without the headache of intricate setup or maintenance. Our API is designed for straightforward integration, offering the flexibility to customize shipping operations without needing to engineer complex rules for carrier selection and service optimization.


Have Questions? We Have Answers!

What is the rating feature in DesktopShipper, and how does it benefit businesses?

The rating feature in DesktopShipper allows businesses to access real-time rate comparisons from various shipping carriers, helping them make informed decisions and optimize shipping costs.

How can DesktopShipper help me save on shipping costs through rate comparison?

By offering real-time rate comparisons, DesktopShipper helps businesses identify the most cost-effective shipping options, enabling them to save on shipping expenses and improve overall operational efficiency.

Can I customize the rating preferences in DesktopShipper to suit my business requirements?

Yes, DesktopShipper allows businesses to customize rating preferences, including factors such as shipping speed, service level, and other parameters, to align with their specific shipping needs.

Can I integrate DesktopShipper's rating feature with my existing systems?

Yes, DesktopShipper is designed to integrate seamlessly with existing systems through its flexible API solution, allowing businesses to incorporate the rating feature into their overall workflow.

See all our Technology Integrations here.

Is there support for bulk rating processing in DesktopShipper?

Yes, DesktopShipper supports bulk rating processing, enabling businesses to efficiently process rates for multiple shipments simultaneously.


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Live Rates
at Checkout ➜

Improve customer satisfaction and reduce cart abandonment by providing transparent shipping rates and validating addresses at the checkout.

Cartonization ➜

Cartonization optimizes packing and shipping in supply chains, resulting in cost savings, improved efficiency, and better customer satisfaction. 

Tracking ➜

Enhance customer experience by providing accurate and transparent tracking information, leading to increased trust and satisfaction.

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