Discover how DesktopShipper can meet the needs of your business with our versatile features. From startups to enterprise businesses to fulfillment companies, our platform is designed to be adaptable to your specific needs. Explore our features below.

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DesktopShipper's web app enables you to handle order management, shipping rules, and label printing directly from your browser. With features designed to reduce errors, optimize your workflow, and enhance your shipping process, DesktopShipper has you covered with its versatile and easy-to-use platform.


DSX is DesktopShipper's app for workstation-based shipping. Simplify your shipping process and enjoy the flexibility and customizability that DSX has to offer. With direct database connectivity, it streamlines packing, shipping, and printing tasks for warehouses with dedicated shipping stations and automated equipment.


Integrate DesktopShipper's API to access its powerful tools and automation within your existing fulfillment process. You can perform real-time rate shopping, ship orders, and track shipments without leaving your system, seamlessly leveraging DesktopShipper's capabilities to enhance your shipping process.



DesktopShipper simplifies order management by linking to marketplaces and providing a centralized view of your store's needs. Automate and streamline processing, ensuring timely delivery with minimal costs. Our platform offers real-time tracking and reporting capabilities, informing you about the status of all orders, inventory levels, and shipping costs, giving you greater visibility into your operations. Plus, our system integrates with various additional sources, such as inventory systems and warehouse management systems, to provide a comprehensive solution for your business needs.



Carrier Mapping automates the shipping process by mapping specific services to shipping methods. This feature allows you to customize shipping preferences that make sense for your orders. With Carrier Mapping, businesses can segment their shipping based on their business model, offering standard vs. expedited shipping or customized options with specific carriers such as USPS Priority Mail, FedEx 2Day, or UPS Express. Once a customer chooses their preferred shipping method at checkout, our system routes and rate-shops the information to ensure timely delivery while saving you money.



DesktopShipper's Batch Management feature enables efficient organization and assignment of batches, allowing you to update order details in bulk, set a printing sequence, and rate your batch in seconds. Whether you have 50 or 50,000 orders, our system can process them quickly and accurately. You can customize batch organization by the carrier, customer address, or processing date, among other options, to streamline your shipping process. With batch management, you have the flexibility to set rules that work for your business.



DesktopShipper's rate shopping feature allows you to easily compare shipping rates from different carriers in real-time based on preferred carriers set by you or your customers. You can view the best price per parcel, zone, weight, and size without having to switch between pages in our UI. This can help you save money while ensuring that your customers receive their orders on time and without any compromise on quality. You can also use rate shopping for batch processing to save time and streamline your shipping operations.



Eliminate the potential for shipping incorrect items by using DesktopShipper's Scan Verify feature to scan product barcodes for accuracy. This feature is available in both on-premise and cloud applications and can be used for quality control to ensure proper pick and pack. Scan Verify allows users to scan UPC, LPN, and SKU barcodes to confirm that the correct items are included in each box. This tool minimizes packing errors, leading to more accurate inventory and happier customers. A notification will alert the user when an error is encountered, preventing incorrect items from moving to the Included Items List. This feature ensures that the contents of every order are correct and helps detect packing errors.



DesktopShipper's address validation feature provides an extra layer of accuracy to ensure your orders are delivered to the correct address. Our real-time validation checks if an address is commercial or residential and verifies its existence, flagging errors that may have been inputted by the customer. With this feature, you can minimize the risk of shipping delays, returns, or lost packages, improving customer satisfaction and reducing costs associated with misdeliveries.



DesktopShipper's Advanced Search tool enables you to create custom filters based on order and item level criteria such as marketplace, SKU, and shipping method. These filters can be applied as a one-time search or run automatically against all your orders, saving you time and effort. With our Advanced Search tool, you can easily find specific orders and items, streamline your order processing, and manage your inventory more efficiently. In addition, this feature provides you with real-time data, giving you access to up-to-date information on your orders and inventory so you can make informed decisions to meet your business needs.



With DesktopShipper's Packing Slip feature, you can streamline your shipping process by assigning packing slips to customers or marketplaces and customizing their printing preferences. This allows for a more efficient picking, packing, and shipping process for your business, reducing the likelihood of errors and increasing customer satisfaction. Moreover, the option to choose between different printing sizes provides flexibility to cater to your specific business needs. The feature also includes the ability to include your company logo and other custom information to the packing slip, helping to increase brand recognition and provide customers with important order information in a clear and concise format.



Easily manage your orders with Subscribed Filters. Create custom filters based on various criteria such as ship method, SKU, item locations, marketplace, or weight. These filters are specific to your company and can be set up in advance to save time and money. With subscribed filters, our system categorizes your orders, and our API does the work for you, ensuring that your company can ship efficiently. Improve productivity and efficiency with subscribed filters.



DesktopShipper's Account Profiles feature allows you to easily define unique shipping requirements for each integration. You can set your origin and return locations for each profile and link your carrier accounts to a specific integration. This feature enables you to connect locations, integrations, packing slips, shipping markups, carrier accounts, and marketplaces, simplifying the process of managing your shipping requirements. Our account profiles feature is a favorite among 3PLs, who appreciate its ease of use and customization capabilities.



DesktopShipper allows customers to easily markup carrier rates. You can set rules to add a percentage or a flat fee markup to the overall shipping costs, and you can be specific by adding markups by the carrier, shipping service, zone, or weight breaks. These Advanced Markups are tied to your Shipping Profiles, making it easy to specify which orders get which rates. With this feature, you can increase your revenue and profitability while still providing competitive shipping rates to your customers.



The DesktopShipper team carefully selects and partners with industry leaders to offer our customers the most reliable and efficient shipping solutions possible. Our partnerships ensure seamless integration between your marketplace and carriers, streamlining the entire shipping process from purchase to delivery. With DesktopShipper's trusted partners, you can have confidence that your shipments are in good hands.



At DesktopShipper, we take pride in providing exceptional customer service. Our support team is entirely in-house, ensuring you have access to our full range of customer service options at all times. Our team is available to assist with any issues or questions you may have, from initial setup to ongoing support. We're committed to helping our customers grow and succeed by providing the tools and resources they need to streamline their shipping processes and optimize their business operations. Whether you prefer to contact us via phone, email, or chat, our team is here to ensure you have a seamless experience with DesktopShipper.



Picklists in DesktopShipper help users streamline their order-picking process. With picklists, users can easily create a report that consolidates all items in a batch that need to be picked for packaging. This report can be sorted by various criteria such as SKU, location, title, or quantity, making it easy for users to pick items in bulk. The report also includes item images to ensure accuracy and efficiency in the picking process. With Picklists, users can save time and improve order fulfillment accuracy.



DesktopShipper's Automated Customs Forms feature simplifies international shipping by automatically generating and storing customs forms using order details from marketplaces. This feature saves time and reduces errors by auto-filling the required customs forms, including all necessary information such as sender and receiver details, item descriptions, quantities, values, package weight and dimensions, shipping date, and more. Users can also set automation rules for line items containing customs data to further streamline order processing. With this feature, international shipping becomes more efficient and less complicated, ensuring timely delivery to customers worldwide.



DesktopShipper features many options for Multi-Brand Shipping, helping to increase your brand's visibility and establish brand recognition with your customers. Adding logos to packing slips or labels allows you to create a customized post-purchase experience that includes branded email notifications and a branded tracking page powered by Pitney Bowes. With this feature, you can showcase your brand and provide customers with a consistent experience throughout the entire shipping process, from when they place their order to when it's delivered to their doorstep.


CSV import allows users to import order information from a simple CSV file, then rate and process, and export shipment data all from within the DS UI.


DesktopShipper offers shippers the ability to integrate to our software with an Open Database Connection (ODBC), allowing shippers to take advantage of all the features listed below.


Need to create a one-time order? Create orders manually in our system with the ability to automate your one-time orders quickly and efficiently.

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