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In an era where real-time tracking is not a luxury but a necessity, DesktopShipper stands out by maintaining operational transparency, elevating customer satisfaction, and streamlining logistics management.

DesktopShipper Advanced Tracking Feature
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Find Your Way with DesktopShipper

Lost in Tracking Troubles? Dive into the advanced features of DesktopShipper's Tracking, offering a suite of functionalities that enhance your shipping efficiency and customer experience.

Ease Your Inbox, Empower Your Team.

Redirect the endless stream of "Where's my order?" to a sleek tracking page. Free your customer service heroes for bigger battles, elevating the support experience to new heights.

Build Trust, Brick by Brick

Transparent tracking isn't just a service; it's the cornerstone of lasting relationships. With each step of the journey visible, trust builds, ensuring your customers know they're in good hands.

Your Brand, Front and Center

Make every tracking moment a branding opportunity. Strengthen your identity and weave your brand into every update, turning casual trackers
into loyal followers.

Drive Traffic, Spike Sales

With every tracking link, lure visitors back to
your site, turning curiosity into commerce.
It's not just tracking; it's a return ticket
to your storefront.

Master Multi-Client Tracking

For those juggling multiple clients, streamline your tracking with DesktopShipper. Enhance efficiency, satisfy your clients, and deliver reliability in every parcel's progress.


Meet Demands, Increase Transparency 

Crafted to address the intricate challenges of modern shipping and boost customer satisfaction, tracking enhances visibility and trust, allowing you to manage and communicate order fulfillment progress with precision.

Boost Customer Confidence

Comprehensive shipment data ensures that consumers are informed about the status of each delivery. Engage with them post-purchase with branded update emails, automating communication and ensuring they feel valued and informed at every stage.  

🔄 Built-in Tracking Updates

Centralize and enhance your shipment management with a powerful built-in tool for customer support. From within the Web App, instantly access and communicate tracking information with customers without the need to switch between systems.

🛠️ Reliable Integration

Leverage our Tracking API call to connect directly to your website, creating a branded tracking page that offers real-time updates from all your carriers. This unified approach eliminates the complexity of multiple carrier integrations, providing up-to-date shipment information through one seamless connection.


Obtain the Latest Information
on your Packages in Transit

Forget the hassle of manual setups or intricate configurations for tracking your shipments. Once an item is shipped, your work is done. DesktopShipper maintains up-to-date integrations with carriers, ensuring you automatically receive the latest information on your packages in transit.




Automated Status Updates

We're continually enhancing our tracking functionalities, collaborating with carriers to provide automatic updates of shipment status.

Integrate Shipping Carriers: Start by linking your carrier accounts through DesktopShipper's WebApp.

Set Up Notification Preferences: Customize how and when your customers receive shipment updates, including branded email notifications.

View Tracking Status:  Once carriers have been integrated and orders have been processed, utilize the filtering options on the "Shipments" page to easily locate packages with your desired status.

Manually Retrieve Transit Update: Automated tracking status updates are conducted nightly after 5 p.m. PST on packages marked as Closed. As needed, users have the option to manually fetch transit updates for the current package status.

DesktopShipper Centralized Tracking



DesktopShipper Tracking API

Create a Branded Tracking Page

Transform your customer post-purchase journey by integrating our Tracking API directly into a branded tracking page that keeps them informed, engaged, and loyal to your brand. 

Real-Time Data Retrieval: Once integrated, and a customer submits a tracking number, your website makes a call to DesktopShipper's API, fetching the latest tracking details.

Displaying Tracking Information: The retrieved tracking details are then displayed on your branded tracking page, providing customers with a clear view of their package's journey.

Enhanced Customer Engagement: Utilize this opportunity to engage further with your customers. Incorporate retargeting and advertising strategies on your tracking page, offering personalized promotions and recommendations that enhance the customer experience and drive additional sales.


Currently Supported Carriers

Our reliable, scalable solution adapts to your specific needs, offering precise updates and integrative capabilities. Forget the hassle of navigating through various carrier tracking pages. DesktopShipper offers uniform shipment updates across all carriers, allowing users to track shipments from different carriers in one place. Eliminate switching between carrier websites, providing a unified view of all shipment statuses and ensuring consistency in tracking information.



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Have Questions? We have Answers!

What is the DesktopShipper Tracking, and how does it enhance the tracking process for businesses?

DesktopShipper Tracking is a powerful tool designed to streamline and improve the tracking of shipments, providing businesses and customers with real-time visibility into the status and location of their orders.

What functionalities does the DesktopShipper Tracking API offer for shipment tracking?

Tracking provides functionalities such as shipment monitoring, status updates, and location information, allowing businesses to offer accurate and up-to-date tracking information to their customers.

Can the Tracking API be integrated with various e-commerce platforms?

Yes, Tracking is designed to be platform-agnostic, allowing businesses to integrate it with various e-commerce platforms for a unified and consistent tracking experience.

View our Technology Integrations here.

When is the Transit Update available?

The tracking report is run nightly after 5 p.m. PST and can take up to 3 hours to be updated. It only runs packages in a 'Closed' status. The update limits the number of packages it tracks, varying between 10k to 100k based on how many packages you may ship. 

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Advanced Product Offerings

Live Rates at Checkout ➜

Reduce cart abandonment by providing transparent shipping rates and validating addresses at the checkout.

Smart Cartonization ➜

Optimize packaging to reduce waste and avoid overages, ensuring efficient use of materials and savings.

Real-Time Rate Shopping ➜

Optimize shipping costs by automatically selecting the most cost-effective rates and services for each shipment.


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