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DesktopShipper features are designed for any business model, from start-ups to enterprise businesses to fulfillment companies.

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    Why do I need a shipping solution?

    We might be biased, but we are also honest—companies who invest in a shipping solution save money and time. Shipping solutions are necessary for small and large e-commerce retailers and distributors. An excellent shipping system will help your business with order management, batch management, rate shopping, marketplace integration, batch printing, and item shipment tracking. Doing all of these things by hand or individually will waste time, money, and resources.

    What is a Shipping API?

    DesktopShipper defines a shipping API as a fully presented communication method that allows various programs to interact and share data. A Shipping API helps e-commerce companies improve order management, including fulfilling, shipping, and tracking orders by integrating shipping functionalities from multiple marketplaces into a singular business system.

    What size company does DesktopShipper support?

    DesktopShipper is designed for any business model, from mom and pop shops to enterprise businesses to fulfillment companies.

    How much money can I save?

    DesktopShipper uses certified and commercial shipping rates. DesktopShipper is partnered with and works closely with multiple carriers for both national and international shipping. Depending on your companies’ preferred carriers and shipping preferences, our API will real-time rate shop ensuring the best pricing. We are the only shipping API with a real-time rate shop, so you never miss the best rate.

    Are there limitations to what can be shipped through DesktopShipper?

    Desktopshipper does not limit what items can and cannot be shipped. If you are sending items classified as Dangerous Goods, you will need to be cautious of carrier restrictions.

    Do I need to be a developer to use DesktopShipper?

    Absolutely not!
    DesktopShipper is a fully stacked shipping API for a mom-and-pop shop to huge enterprise businesses. Though you don’t have to be a developer, developers love DesktopShipper because there is flexibility when utilizing our API.

    Does DesktopShipper have an on-premise application available?

    DesktopShipper has both an on-premise and cloud-based application. Our on-premise UI, DSX, is an excellent option for companies looking for easy-to-use, powerful shipping applications to fit their business needs.

    Is there a contract term?

    Desktopshipper does not have a contract term though we do have a service agreement. The service agreement is month to month, specific to each customer, and lays out the terms of using our services. We do not require a yearly contract at the time of sign-up.

    Does DesktopShipper work on MAC/ PCs/ Tablets?

    DesktopShipper offers a cloud-based shipping application and works with Macs, PCs, and Tablets.

    Does DesktopShipper provide a scale?

    DesktopShipper does not provide free scales for its customers but does have suggestions on the best tools for shipping available for purchase from ShippingGear.com. Learn more here on ShippingGear's website.

    Do you sell boxes and packages?

    DesktopShipper does not sell boxes, packaging, or other shipping items. 

    Can I verify items within an order through DesktopShipper?

    Scan Verification is a feature-specific term and feature for DesktopShipper. Scan Verification is available to every service level and helps ensure that the correct items are in the right package and going to the correct address. Scan verification can help save companies money and keep their customers satisfied.

    How do Customs Forms work in DesktopShipper?

    Customs forms within DesktopShipper are automatically mapped based on the customer data collected via the integration channels. This information is filled in the appropriate customs fields based on the country it’s going to and may also be manually entered as needed. If information is not provided correctly, customs defaults can be set.

    What does a "Profile" do inside of DesktopShipper?

    A prominent DesktopShipper feature is Profiles, which allows you to define your unique shipping requirements for each integration. Learn more about Custom Profiles on our Knowledge Base.

    Does DesktopShipper provide around-the-clock support?

    At DesktopShipper, we are here to help e-commerce businesses meet the challenges ahead of them and prepare in the best way possible. We have support hours from 6 AM to 5 PM PST and are available via phone or live chat, or email. You will always connect with a real person ready to help you troubleshoot any issues you might be having.

    Are you looking for extended support? Select After hour or weekend support options added as an additional monthly fee to your current subscription price. Contact your rep for further information.

    Can I link DesktopShipper to my company’s accounting system?

    The ability to link DesktopShipper to your accounting system depends on the specific accounting system you use. DesktopShipper can integrate with various Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) or e-commerce platforms if you are selling on marketplaces. Let us know if you don't see your provider on our list of technology integration, and we can discuss alternative solutions.

    Can I ship specialty items, such as perishable goods, with DesktopShipper?

    Yes! Depending on the company's needs, we can set rules within the application to fulfill quick and overnight shipping. We even can ease the process of shipping perishable goods by including additional requirements like dry ice.

    Does Desktopshipper provide live rates in the cart at the point of checkout?

    DesktopShipper is one of the only shipping APIs on the market that offers real-time rate shopping. We will show you live rates based on preferred carriers, length of delivery, and present live rates, allowing you to pick their preferred rate and method.

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