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Need E-Commerce Order Fulfillment? DesktopShipper Is Here To Help!

Your business may sell the best products. It may consist of the most affordable results, rely on the most eco-friendly practices, and create the most versatile outcome for your customers. But all of your hard work and the quality of your store may be for naught if your shipping options aren’t convenient or affordable. It’s essential for modern businesses to stay up to speed with the best practices and technology to remain lucrative and sustainable. If you’re struggling to find the best shipping services for your eComm store, DesktopShipper is here and ready to help!

Our company strives to provide the best shipping solutions for customers across the nation, delivering seamless results to enhance your business and boost your bottom line. Whether you fulfill thousands of small orders or a few select bulk orders each month, our order management system is versatile, scalable, and affordable.

If you’ve been looking for an order fulfillment program to help streamline your shipping services, be sure to catch up on a few reasons why DesktopShipper should be your top choice for support. If you’re ready to learn more, feel free to contact us online or start your free trial!



One of the most important aspects of your business is its profitability. Companies that do not make profits are not sustainable, pure and simple. DesktopShipper is here to help you save money across the board, starting with our USPS discounted rates. Our desktop- and web-based shipping program comes with discounted shipping rates, saving you money on every single order.

We streamline all of our processes to help automate your business, reducing your time spent dealing with the complexities of shipping numerous orders. DesktopShipper provides a clear platform that is backed by quality services to minimize waste and improve the customer experience. Not only will our shipping solutions save you money, but the improvement to your purchasing process can also help to increase sales.



Keeping your inventory up to date and accurate at all times is essential for delivering an ideal product and outcome for your customers. Running out of a select item can cause serious disruptions to your business flow, especially if the shortage is unexpected. DesktopShipper is proud to have a large partner base in order to network the best solutions for each of our clients.



The prices of your store will play a large role in determining how successful your enterprise is. It helps to invest in a fast, cost-effective repricing tool to help you set the correct price according to your business plan. It’s essential to stay competitive in this modern market, and taking on the pricing portion of your store can help to reduce costs while increasing sales. Our team can help to match you with one of our industry partners to ensure all of your pricing is accurate and thorough.



The ability to manage orders, track shipments, and print labels in a fast and clear platform can help to minimize mistakes and reduce shipping times. DesktopShipper can help you manage your labels in one simple, easy-to-read format, making the task of fulfilling orders simple and enjoyable. Learn more about our shipping process, and be sure to start your free trial to see just how beneficial our label system can be!



All of our shipping services are scalable to meet your fulfillment demands. Beyond the industry support and expertise, money-saving order management, and resources for additional services, our team can work with you to craft an ideal combination of options, including:

  • Address validation
  • Packing slips
  • Picklists
  • Bulk updating orders
  • Reports
  • Batch management
  • Custom packing slips
  • Bulk rating and shipping
  • CSV import and export
  • Packing, reprinting, and scan verification stations available

No matter your needs, DesktopShipper is here and ready to deliver an ideal level of support. See our full list of features, or call us to see if we can support your business’ operational needs.



Our partnerships have helped to create the best shipping services available, relying on a dozen carriers to ensure the best rates and fastest results. Our shipping solutions are ideal for eCommerce clients because we have partnered with the most powerful companies and have access to the most valuable tools. You can integrate our eCommerce shipping tool with your site, including Amazon (and Seller Fulfilled Prime), Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, eBay, Groupon, Tophatter, XCart, PrestaShop, and more.

Our automatic shipping services are also integratable with numerous platforms, ranging from Etail Solutions to SellerCloud, Net Suite, and beyond. No matter your product or industry, DesktopShipper has the shipping solutions and resources needed to deliver a high-quality outcome.



If you’re ready to see how we can centralize your orders and automate your business, be sure to contact us online today. Our team provides the best support for your operations, and we’re offering a free trial to let you see just how amazing our shipping services can be. We look forward to working with you!


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