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2020 USPS Rate Increases

Peak shipping season is in full swing and you might have missed the proposed rate changes that were announced by the United States Postal Service. The surcharge notice was filed with the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) and is supposed to go into effect January 26, 2020. DesktopShipper has compiled the USPS changes as a quick reference in order to prepare you as the new year approaches. Keep reading to learn more about the reasoning behind rate increases and the up-charges you should expect to see from the USPS.



According to the USPS, Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express will increase by 4.1% and 3.5%, on average. The final postage price will vary by weight and zone. Multiple carriers, such as FedEx and UPS, have already announced their rate increases and this surge pricing will keep the Postal Service competitive while providing revenue to the company. In the proposal that was released in October, the USPS stated that their shipping services are primarily adjusted according to market conditions and pointed out that they do not add surcharges for fuel, residential delivery, or regular Saturday or holiday season delivery, unlike other shippers. 

Despite the changes to most USPS prices, there are some postal rates that will remain unchanged. This includes flats up to 1-ounce, First-Class Mail letters and postcards. Stamps will remain at $0.55 and senders will continue to automatically save $0.05 on every letter with the Metered Mail rate.



Our partners at Pitney Bowes have listed the new prices for Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express according to the proposed USPS rate increases. Make sure to prepare yourself prior to January 26, 2020 when the increases will be taking place. 


Priority Mail

2019 Base Price

2020 Base Price


Flat Rate Envelope




Small Flat Rate Box




Medium Flat Rate Box




Large Flat Rate Box




1 lb. Package to Zone 2





Priority Mail Express

2019 Base Price

2020 Base Price


Flat Rate Envelope




Legal Flat Rate Envelope




Padded Flat Rate Envelope




1 lb. Package to Zone 2






Although the rate increases don't seem like much, that small increase can add up to a lot of money depending on how much you ship. To ensure that you're continuously receiving the lowest shipping rates available across all carriers, it's always best to take advantage of the DesktopShipper rate-shopping tool. It's an easy way to compare low rates and have our software automatically pick the best option depending on your business needs. 

At DesktopShipper, our knowledgeable team of shipping specialists are available to answer any questions or concerns you may have about your shipping processes. If you need any information on how to receive the best carrier rates going into 2020, we are always here to help! 


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For additional information visit the USPS website

Source: USPS Press Release

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