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5 Tasks Shipping Software Can Help with During the Holiday Season

Let's face it, the holiday season is tiring! From October to January, it is likely that those who work in retail or e-commerce are not sleeping much. Considering the influx of returns, the first half of Q1 could be considered part of the holiday season too. As an e-commerce professional, you know how important it is to have the right tools to ensure the season runs smoothly. Those with experience in e-commerce within the last two years know how little control one possesses over consumer behavior and industry changes. With that said, there are ways to reduce stress and minimize errors. With holiday sales increasing and shipping demands becoming more complicated, consider using shipping software, like DesktopShipper!


Having shipping software that meets your needs can save you hours of valuable holiday work if you don't have the time or bandwidth to do it yourself. Our shipping software solution integrates with your e-commerce selling platforms and marketplaces, to pull all orders into one centralized view. Link rate cards from all carrier accounts in order to view real-time shipping calculations. The software also allows you to purchase and print shipping labels directly from a cloud-based or on-premise device. With over 75 technology and carrier integrations, DesktopShipper is essential software in any e-commerce company’s stack. 


Here are five tasks that a shipping solution can help you with this Holiday Season:


(1) Saving Time

During the holidays, the most frustrating aspect of shipping is the amount of time it takes. The orders seem to go on forever, and nothing ever seems to get done quickly. With the automation of the shipping process, orders that are being fulfilled can be immediately placed into an order queue based on pre-set rules, which reduces some of the manual processes involved. Shipping automation rules are actions that you want to apply to orders that match a specific set of criteria. This saves so much time in comparison to working single orders (though the software works for individual orders too!). By implementing shipping automation, you can improve the efficiency of your supply chain, allowing you to save time and resources. In the world of e-commerce, speed is the key to success.


(2) Reducing Errors

As human beings, we are prone to making errors. Reduce errors by integrating non-human technology into the shipping process. By storing information on the cloud or within your shipping workflow, shipping software assists in minimizing mistakes. Managing the process from the marketplace to the software and then back to the carriers also minimizes the possibility of data loss during translation. Fewer errors mean more potential savings. 


(3) Simplifying Workflows

By utilizing a shipping solution, you can pull orders from your marketplaces and selling platforms, then manage, rate-shop, and print labels in batches, thus simplifying existing workflows. A significant portion of the work involved in running an e-commerce business is creating and printing shipping labels. In a multi-order batch workflow, picking, packing, and creating labels can save you a great deal of time. Forms for orders, address verification, and shipping methods are handled automatically. A shipping solution takes care of everything for you.


(4) Streamlining Your Shipping Processes

The use of shipping solutions can help to streamline your business' shipping activities. Your company no longer needs to stretch its resources to the limit. Using shipping software can help you accomplish your tasks more quickly and efficiently. By automating shipping, you can always guarantee the best rate, and you’ll free up human resources. Your shipping process is made for you and can be altered to fit your specific needs. Ship the way you want to with shipping software.


(5) Keeping Shipping Information in One Centralized View

Shipping solutions provide you with a place to store and manage your orders. Simplify your workflow by linking to marketplaces and instantly pull orders in real-time. The main objective is to deliver the order on time, with the needed specs, and at minimum cost, all while providing the ability to tie in directly with various order sources (marketplaces, inventory systems, warehouse management systems, etc.). Shipping software can be used to manage all orders from various channels in one place. Everything you need to manage your store will be in one, centralized view.


Shipping software automates the shipping process and reduces labor costs saving shippers time and money. Make your shipping process more reliable by reducing the possibility of human error. DesktopShipper is prepared for the holiday rush and can help you, too!

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