Case Study

Deliverzen - Streamlining the E-commerce Fulfillment Process with DesktopShipper

Deliverzen is an e-commerce fulfillment company that works with online retailers and boutiques to pack and ship their orders to customers.


Deliverzen is an e-commerce fulfillment company that works with online retailers and boutiques to pack and ship their orders to customers. With a goal of expanding their services to multiple locations across the US, Deliverzen needed a solution that would optimize their pack-out process and allow them to custom print shipping labels, packing slips, and packing lists for their customers.


The Challenge

Before using DesktopShipper, Deliverzen was using a WMS supplier to fulfill orders. However, their pack-out process was slow and involved mouse and keyboard work from packers. Deliverzen was looking for a solution that would help them with multiple facets of their growing business. As a growing business, they wanted to be able to rate shop orders for the most cost-effective pricing, integrate with their current measuring and weighing processes, and just generally ship more efficiently. 

“Our pack out was too slow. Our main goal was to optimize the pack-out process. We needed to eliminate the use of a keyboard and mouse for packing orders, needed to rate shop every order between carriers to get the most cost-effective pricing per order, and needed the ability to custom print shipping labels, LPN, or pack slips for our customers. We also wanted to integrate our Cubiscan [dementioner]. ”


Finding a Solution

Deliverzen found DesktopShipper through a recommendation from their DHL carrier rep,  which offered a solution to their problems. They chose DesktopShipper's web app solution because it met their needs and would speed up their pack-out processes.  Impressed by the implementation approach, Deliverzen found that the migration process was painless with the help of DesktopShipper's white glove customer service.

“Great implementation process. [DesktopShipper] took the time to walk us through everything we needed to learn and were extremely knowledgeable.” 



In addition to finding the reliable software they were seeking, DesktopShipper's software has improved their processes in many ways. Since using DesktopShipper, Deliverzen has experienced a significant increase in productivity. They have gone from packing 45 orders an hour to 90 orders an hour per packer, set up the software to map service levels and carriers to specific customer profiles, and implemented LPN that integrates into their Cubiscan account to auto-dimensionalize and rate shop with every package. They have also benefited from the ability to custom print shipping labels and packing slips for their customers, as well as rate shop orders for the most cost-effective pricing.

“It's been great working [with DesktopShipper]. Their customer service is on point [and] responsive. [They] solve problems with me, helping me walk through them when needed. Their team is consistent, reliable, and helpful in resolving any challenges.”


Looking Forward

Deliverzen currently operates a single warehouse in DFW, but has goals to expand to have multiple sites across the United States by 2024. Aside from their physical space growth, in the future, Deliverzen expects to upgrade their systems around DesktopShipper's pack-out solution to further increase their throughput. They consider DesktopShipper to be the best at pack stations packing out and recommend their solution to others in the industry. They also hope to focus on inventory control, receiving, and pick and pack strategies. 

“[We chose Desktopshipper because they] met our needs and sped our pack-out processes up significantly. I can breathe a little and focus on business strategy and growth. Gave us the financial room to expand into other areas for efficiencies.”



By streamlining its e-commerce fulfillment process with DesktopShipper, Deliverzen has realized significant benefits in terms of increased productivity and efficiency. The solution provides an easier and faster pack-out process and allows for custom printing of shipping labels, packing slips, and packing lists. DesktopShipper's customer service is responsive and helpful, making it an excellent choice for e-commerce fulfillment companies looking to optimize their operations.


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