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Enhance Your Online Store With These E-commerce Trends

It's time to stop stressing about the ever-changing trends in online shopping. Get ahead of the curve and capture your own share of the market!

The online marketplace can be a tough industry to break into as a small business, especially when you consider all of the technological advancements and groundbreaking techniques utilized to make an impact in such a dynamic field. Instead of stressing about the ever-changing trends in online shopping, why not get ahead of the curve and capture your own share of the market? Here are some helpful tips and tricks on how to utilize the newest technologies to your advantage. 



Online stores do not include an in-person guide to help shoppers find what they need, which is why many eCommerce establishments are focusing on personalizing their storefronts. Based on a customer’s online searches, purchase histories, and page visits, store owners can personalize their shops to meet each individual’s preferences. Consumers are much more likely to spend money at your shop if they find products they’re interested in, which is why personalizing the customer experience is so important.

You can also invest in the technology to interpret your customers’ browsing behaviors and online queries to optimize the experience. This approach can include on-site product recommendations, pop-up specials and offers, and follow-up emails for abandoned carts to maximize your conversions.



A majority of online sales consist of clothing and shoe wear, which leads most consumers to one key question — will this fit? Many shoppers are happy to find the products they want, but when the time comes to process a payment, doubts may linger. It’s important for you, as the store owner, to make your products as tangible as possible to ensure your customers are happy with their purchase. Customers prefer to see, feel, and hold the products when deciding on what to buy. Many stores offer interactive pictures and videos while others provide updated visuals to highlight the selected product style. If you sell custom lanyards, for example, your customers will want to see a live preview of their choices.

Even if you don’t have a budget to provide interactive pictures or videos, it pays to invest time in describing your product. Be thorough in your descriptions and opt for too much information as opposed to too little. There are numerous applications available to help generate high-quality visual success for eCommerce stores without the high price tag, making it easier to stand out in a highly competitive marketplace. Be sure you put it all out there when offering products for sale online!



Technology has also sparked an interest in AI-led shopping experiences for consumers. There are chat-bots, which consist of the automated “Can I Help You?” chat that often pops up at the bottom of your browser. Artificial intelligence can also be utilized to handle customer complaints, manage inventory, and more. The quality of your robot will play a large role in how seriously customers take your AI assistance, so be sure to find the right program for the job. When implemented successfully, this process will improve customer engagement on your site while also freeing you up to focus on other tasks.



The availability of smart technology can also make shopping easier for your customers. A survey from Social Lens Research found that 25% of modern shoppers rely on voice shopping to find the products they want, while a market research report from OC&C Strategy Consultants claimed that voice shopping will increase twenty-fold by 2022, comprising a $40 billion market share.

With the increase in smart speakers and small entertainment devices nationwide, you can expect the number of customers shopping via voice to skyrocket. We recommend taking the time to understand how these speakers work for voice shopping, as well as the prompts needed to bring your product into the spotlight.



One trend that continues to hold strong is the consumer’s preference for simplified shipping options. The Baymard Institute found that many customers leave the site because the extra costs were too high, with shipping, taxes and fees accounting for 60% of abandoned shopping carts. It’s essential for you to streamline your shipping options for customers, as more choices and better savings will go a long way. While free shipping is always the preferred choice, many consumers will be happy to pay for shipping if the terms are agreeable.



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