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Enhance Your Shipping Operations with DHL + DesktopShipper

DHL eCommerce Solutions and DesktopShipper are joining forces to offer a seamless and green shipping solution.

In the fast-paced world of e-commerce, speed, efficiency, and environmental responsibility are more important than ever. This is where our exciting partnership comes into play - DHL eCommerce Solutions and DesktopShipper are joining forces to offer a seamless and green shipping solution.


Can you deliver faster and greener?

Yes, you can! DHL eCommerce Solutions stands out in the domestic workshare space (a collaborative model that streamlines shipping processes), providing three service levels – Ground, Expedited and Expedited Max. Their quickest service, Expedited Max, ensures delivery within 2-3 days at a competitive rate, setting a high bar for speedy delivery.

In an era of heightened environmental consciousness, DHL goes a step further. Their Expedited Max is a 100% carbon-neutral product, indicated by the DHL GoGreen logo on the shipping label and tracking site. This feature allows customers to recognize and appreciate the environmental considerations made during their package shipment.


DHL eCommerce Solutions provides domestic and international residential delivery services, with rates that don’t break the bank. By optimizing their operations to handle lightweight packages with extreme efficiency, they have become a trusted shipping provider for many large-scale e-commerce companies. With this industry focus, they have refined their products to consistently deliver reliable transit times, tracking visibility, and shipment protection – features that matter most to consumers. Their company mission is to connect people, improving lives, and they strive to help their customers do just that.


The Power of Integrating DHL with DesktopShipper

Integrating DHL with DesktopShipper brings a host of benefits that can greatly enhance shipping operations and provide a seamless experience for businesses.

Global Shipping Reach: DHL's extensive coverage and diverse shipping options are brought to the table when integrated with DesktopShipper, allowing businesses to expand their global presence sustainably.

Streamlined Shipping Workflow: The integration simplifies and automates tasks like generating DHL shipping labels and scheduling pickups, reducing errors and improving operational efficiency.

Real-time Tracking Notifications: DHL is known for its robust tracking capabilities. When integrated with DesktopShipper, businesses can provide their customers with real-time tracking updates and delivery notifications. This enhances transparency, improves customer satisfaction, and reduces customer questions about shipment status.

Competitive Shipping Rates: DHL offers competitive shipping rates, particularly for businesses shipping internationally. By integrating DHL with DesktopShipper, businesses can access DHL's negotiated rates, saving money in the process. 

Scalability and Flexibility: The integration is adaptable, designed to cater to businesses of all sizes and volumes, supporting growth and adaptation without disruption.

Enhanced Customer Experience: By integrating DHL with DesktopShipper, businesses can offer their customers a seamless and reliable shipping experience. Fast and efficient DHL delivery, coupled with real-time tracking and notifications, helps businesses exceed customer expectations, boost satisfaction levels, and build customer loyalty.

Why Choose DesktopShipper?
DesktopShipper continuously works with our carrier partners to ensure better integrations and seamless onboarding. As a result, DesktopShipper customers benefit from many DHL eCommerce Solutions service offerings, including the Expedited Max Service, quick transit times, and, of course, reliability.

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