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How eFulfillment Service Improved Shipping Processes with DesktopShipper


eFulfillment Service is a third-party logistics and shipping service provider that integrates with more than 45 e-commerce platforms. Their Go-Live with DesktopShipper was on October 27th, 2022, and since then, increased shipment volume by 19.8% year over year during peak season. In this case study, we connected with Nick Ernst, Application Support Analyst for eFulfillment Service, to explore how the company has improved its shipping processes with DesktopShipper.


The Challenge

eFulfillment Service had used two previous shipping software solutions before DesktopShipper, which were flawed in their rate shopping logic, had poor support services, and incurred high costs. These challenges were among the primary reasons for their team looking for a switch.

“[We were looking for] less need to regularly audit shipments, simply to ensure that the software is working as it should.”


Finding a Solution

The executive team at eFulfillment Service was familiar with DesktopShipper from previous discussions and asked those involved in the search to take another look. After exploring options such as FreightPop, ShipHawk, TechDinamics, 3Gtms, ShipWorks, and Kuebix, DesktopShipper was deemed the best choice for the team in terms of cost, features, adaptability, and general fit to their processes.

Finding a Solution
“[Now] we primarily use the DSX application installed on on-premise shipping computers and integrate with DesktopShipper via ODBC connection to our database.  We chose this option due to our volume and variation of shipments.”


Migration to DesktopShipper

The migration process to DesktopShipper was smooth once eFulfillment Service familiarized itself with the software and underlying processes. The DesktopShipper implementation team was incredibly helpful and more responsive than support from previous software companies. The implementation process is still ongoing, but so far, it has been handled well.

“The DesktopShipper implementation team was incredibly helpful and notably more responsive than similar support efforts through previous software companies. [It] was the best choice for our team in terms of cost, features, adaptability, and general fit to our processes.”


Working with DesktopShipper

Individuals at DesktopShipper have been pleasant to work with, and the company has been very active in ensuring the success of the implementation and future efforts. Robert Crayton, Corey Ransom, and other members of the implementation and dev teams, as well as the after-implementation support team, have been the main points of contact for eFulfillment Service.

“We would recommend DesktopShipper to others considering the product, based on our experience. We are confident that if the features line up with a company’s needs, then the implementation team will be able to set up the system to work as expected.  And as a tip for evaluating the opportunity during the sales process and making implementation as smooth as possible, be certain of how you want or expect to do things with DS, and have your ducks in a row before beginning implementation.”

Benefits of DesktopShipper

eFulfillment Service has realized benefits such as reduced costs, better and more responsive support, and more responsive development of requested features. They have also been able to solve client issues they were previously incapable of supporting and have benefited from better rate shopping leading to cheaper outcomes for clients. The team productivity has been streamlined, and they now have accurate rate shopping even when comparing carriers with different Dimensional Weight rules. In the future, eFulfillment Service expects continued success with DesktopShipper.

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“Reduced costs, better and more responsive support, more responsive development of requested features [are all benefits] helping us solve client issues we were incapable of supporting previously. [Additionally], better rate shopping [leads] to cheaper outcomes for clients.”



DesktopShipper has provided eFulfillment Service with exceptional rate shopping logic, address verification services, and access to shipping options unavailable through previous software programs. The migration process went smoothly, and the DesktopShipper team has been incredibly helpful in ensuring the success of the implementation. The solution has brought numerous benefits, including reduced costs, better support, and improved team productivity, and eFulfillment Service is confident in continued success with DesktopShipper in the future.

“DesktopShipper has an incredibly supportive team that truly wants to deliver the experience you are looking for out of their platform.  They are extremely open to supporting new functionality with a strong business case and exceptional at translating your business requirements to system implementation.  They have risen to every challenge we have given them, and we look forward to continuing to partner with them as our business needs grow and change.”

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