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How to Break Up with Your Current Shipping Solution

Oh, the season of love! To us, Valentine's Day means knowing that you're worth it! You don't have to settle for mediocre technology. You should start thinking about the overall success of your business. As an e-commerce business, it is safe to say logistics shipping makes up at least 50% of your business structure. Unfortunately, if you are still using the same old, tired piece of shipping technology, it is no longer beneficial to you. Take the hint; it may be time to break up with your shipping solution!


How to Know It’s Time

  • It’s Not Growing With You 

Growing is great for a business, but do you ever experience growing pains? If your growing pains are attributable to the shipping or logistics technology you have in place, then you’re not able to concentrate on other important aspects of your business like talent acquisition, market expansion, and financing your next investment. Your shipping solution should be making your life easier, not harder! Make sure your new shipping solution can grow with you, whether that means business size, order volume, or industry expansion. Make sure you’re not using any old run-of-the-mill system. Nothing is worse than breaking up with a business to move to another to only switch again within a year. Ask the hard questions and really make technology work for you. 


  • There’s Little To No Support Offered

There is nothing more frustrating than searching and searching to find a solution to a problem rather than going directly to the source. It is just as harsh to provide support only in exchange for payment or if you reach a certain shipment volume level as it provides no support or only community-based support. Instead, opt for a solution that enables better problem resolution at the time and on the basis that you desire. Trust is the building block for any stable and healthy relationship.  Whether e-mail, chat, and phone, you should be able to trust that your shipping solution is an extension of your team. When looking for a new shipping solution, make sure you trust its ability to function and do its job. Don’t just look for basic features because you deserve better! Switching to a new shipping solution can be time-consuming and, at times, expensive. Make sure you’re 100% before falling in love with new technology.


  • They Aren’t Listening To Your Needs.

Have you ever tried to change someone only to realize people don’t change? Well, let's be honest, companies should be willing to change. A company that cannot make those changes for the betterment of your business does not deserve your business.  You want to work with a shipping solution that wants you to succeed. That means a computer with resources and information to help you develop and grow. A company that doesn’t want to see you do well is not the company for you. 

It’s time to stop settling for anything less than you deserve. Nothing is worse than purchasing technology and only having to continue to purchase extension after extension just to do what you originally wanted it to do. Working with a shipping solution with staked technology is the best way to get everything you want in a shipping solution. If you aren’t in love with your current solution, break up with them and try something new… DesktopShipper is here for you! 

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