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Introducing Discounted UPS Rates on DesktopShipper

Saving money? Now that’s just good business! Ship with UPS on DesktopShipper and take advantage of new discounted shipping rates.

No matter if your business is big or small- your customers expect the best. Are you tired of dealing with delivery surcharges, unexpected fees, and complicated procedures when it comes to shipping? If so, you'll be happy to know that there's a better solution available!

Leverage UPS on DesktopShipper for straightforward, cost-effective shipping.

Take Advantage of UPS Discounts

When you partner with DesktopShipper, you gain access to discounted UPS rates, providing substantial savings on both domestic and international shipping, which include: 

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Streamlined Shipping with DesktopShipper

When you’re running a business, time is a precious commodity. Let UPS shipping on 
DesktopShipper give you an edge by putting your order details, customer information, label printing, and shipment tracking all in one place.

Flexible Shipping Options: Explore a number of flexible shipping options that fit your delivery timelines and customer expectations. From UPS® Ground Shipping to Express services, trust UPS to keep your customers happy with packages that show up on time. Additionally, with their proactive tracking, you’ll always know right where your shipments are. 

Simplicity Within Reach: Say goodbye to complex negotiations and contracts. Get started saving as soon as possible with DesktopShipper’s guided Set-Up Wizard. Our user-friendly interface guides you through the setup process, enabling you to begin shipping sooner and focus on shipping. With no carrier negotiations needed to access discounted rates, start shipping and saving right away. 

Seamless Integration and Management: DesktopShipper provides a centralized hub to manage all your shipping needs from one place. From comparing services and rates in real-time to streamlining your shipping process, DesktopShipper saves time, reduces errors, and helps you focus on growing your business. 

No Hidden Fees: UPS on DesktopShipper simplifies shipping and saves you money. Open a UPS account for transparent and predictable shipping costs that enhance your customers' experience. Say goodbye to delivery area surcharges and shipping hassles, and hello to a cost-effective, tailored solution.

Ship With Confidence

Get Started in 5 Easy Steps 

Grow your business on DesktopShipper’s easy-to-use platform, and let UPS handle all your shipping and logistics needs. It's e-commerce made easy. And we’re with 
you every step of the way! 

Required Steps for Implementing a New UPS Account on DesktopShipper

  1. Sign up with DesktopShipper and follow the Set-Up Wizard to create your new UPS® account. 
  2. Fill out the required contact information.
  3. Fill out the customer’s UPS invoice information.
  4. Enable the new UPS® account in your profile(s) on DesktopShipper.
  5. To complete the process, rate and process a UPS® shipment to test. Utilize a DesktopShipper implementation or support technician for help if needed.


UPS shipping on DesktopShipper gives you the options you need to save the most money possible, no matter the size of the package you’re shipping. So, what are 
you waiting for? Click here to learn more and start shipping with UPS today!

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