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Save Money Without Losing Quality

Here at DesktopShipper, our specialty is Logistics and Transportation, both vital functions of an efficient Supply Chain. Not sure where to start with your supply chain management? Visit this blog to know the 5 fundamental steps to creating an efficient SCM.

Logistics and Transportation funnel the commercial activity of transporting goods to customers. We are in living in an ecommerce age, where companies such as Amazon have created the expectation of free and fast shipping forever changing customers perspective on online shopping and shipping. But where Amazon is a multibillion-dollar company with their own carrier system, not all companies are able to funnel millions into a fleet of trucks, vans, and delivery people. How do smaller businesses, without the capital to invest in their own carrier systems, economically ship their products? Short answer: they use a shipping solution.  


DesktopShipper is a shipping solution that helps companies grow without wasting time or money. Allowing businesses to focus on more of what is important their overall success, our behind-the-scenes software creates best shipping practices that are bound to make customers take notice.

Order Management 

More times than not your business will be shipping a large quantity of packages every month. Simplify your workflow by linking to multiple marketplaces and instantly pull orders in real-time. Our system has everything you need to manage your store will be in one, centralized view. This helps to consolidate multiple orders that are going to one customer and ensure one shipping label. Instead of verifying every single address and order DesktopShipper does it for you and does it right. Customers are happier and more likely to purchase from you when they get the right package in a timely matter.  

Rate Shopping 

A lot of companies will say they offer rate shopping, but that is not 100% true. The difference between them and us is that our software does real time rate shopping. The software will choose the best price for the parcel based on weight, size, zone, and time it must be delivered. The software will do it based on your integrated and preferred carriers as well as doing it in large or small batches. It happens in seconds and you do not have to go back and shop for each parcel. It is a unique feature just to DesktopShipper. We guarantee you will save money and ship efficiently. When you save on shipping, your customer saves on shipping. 

Item Verification  

How many times has your customer service had to deal with a customer getting the wrong items in their package? Well no longer with DesktopShipper’s software. You can verify that the packing slip has the right items in accordance with the address. Not only that, but there is automatic address verification. No longer getting packages returned to sender. 

Multi-Carrier Integration  

When you integrate DesktopShipper with multiple carriers you can truly rate shop with all carriers. The more carriers you integrate with the more you are likely to get the full picture. When you can see the full picture, you can make the best move for your companies supply chain and you know that it will arrive how you would like it to. 

Multi Marketplace Integration  

If you are anything like other ecommerce company’s, you are selling on multiple platforms. You are selling through your website, Shopify, Esty, and the list goes on. This can make it hard to juggle all orders from every separate platform. DesktopShipper integrates all your marketplaces allowing for seamless shipping across multiple platforms and organizing your supply chain.  

web based shipping solution

We all see the promotions for shipping solutions that will save you time and money but will they actually? Will you spend all this time integrating your shipping software only to turn around and never use it? Your supply chain is precious. You have spent so much time ensuring your customers are getting quality products. You do not want to waste your time on a shipping software that will not actually save you time and money. You do not want to waste your time on shipping software that chooses price over quality.  

It’s time to sign up for a shipping solution that has a vision that aligns with your companies. FREE DEMO NOW.  

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