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Here are the best ways to maximize profits while minimizing time spent on the day to day of your e-commerce business. Grow your business with these tips!

When starting a business, you are doing more than just creating a product or service. It doesn’t take long before you find yourself burdened with a wide range of responsibilities. From accounting, marketing, sales, human resources, office managing, content creation, and supply chain management - saying that it can become overwhelming is the understatement of the century!

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So how does one make time to get everything done and not get buried under a giant to-do list?

Create workflow processes.

There are many options to streamline workload:

+ Email templates

+ Manufacturing outsourcing

+ Product Outsourcing

+ Financial services (accountants, financial advisors, bookkeeping services, etc.)

+ Project Management templates

+ Fulfillment centers

+ Shipping Management Services

Understanding what workflow processes are best for you can be based on multiple factors such as industry, marketplace, and company structure, but every businessperson can agree: time is money. And in the world of ecommerce, Shipping Management Services can save you a shipload of both.

Effective Ecommerce Shipping

Why a Shipping Solution?

Whether you are an entrepreneur, an industry leader, or somewhere in between, the right shipping software can help automate getting your products where they need to go.

  1. Order Management:
    When selling on multiple platforms, a lot of time is wasted gathering and shipping orders from each individual marketplace. Shipping solutions simplify your workflow by linking to marketplaces and instantly pulling orders in real-time. Everything you need to manage your store will be in one, easy to read dashboard. Let’s say that again, all your orders, inventory and ecommerce selling platforms – In. One. Place. (Exciting, we know!)
  1. Batch Orders

Effectively organize and assign batches, update order details in bulk, assign printing sequences and rate your batch in seconds, not hours. Having an all in one solution that manages batch organization means simplified bulk orders, regardless of the number of products or carriers involved.

  1. Compare Carrier Prices

Shipping services comb for the cheapest rates based on the shipping origin and destination, the size of the parcel and the speed of delivery. This consolidation of data allows for the assurance of the cheapest rate.

Among these features, every shipping solution company will have additional unique benefits. Learn more about DesktopShipper’s full list of features and services here.

Why DesktopShipper?

Regardless of your company’s shipping needs, our shipping solution software is here to deliver results. Backed by industry experts, we’re confident that we can streamline your business, improve operations, and help you become more successful.

With DesktopShipper, it doesn’t matter if you have 50 orders or 50,000, our cloud-based software was designed to grow with you. Most interfaces only allow you to ship up to a certain number of packages a month. Once you hit that mark, you must search for a new solution to keep up with your needs. Our team understands the power of versatility, and our flexible shipping services ensure that new marketplaces, carriers, and integrations can be added as your business expands to larger needs.

Additionally, DesktopShipper real-time rate shops. Though almost all solutions help compare carrier prices, most do so in different tabs within the application, and with a limited number of comparable. DesktopShipper analyzes a large array of carriers and determines the best rate for each individual package in one simple dashboard. DesktopShipper works in real-time and will find the best rates for you in the time it takes to refill your coffee mug!

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Running an ecommerce business can be difficult. Our team understands the power of versatility, and our flexible shipping services ensure that you have a product that can adapt to your ever-changing needs. We strive to help you grow your business and are available to discuss just how adaptable our technology can be.


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