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The Importance of Tracking Packages

If you have ever ordered something online, then you know that feeling of waiting for your package. Some may even sit outside and wait not-so-patiently for the delivery driver. If you have been concerned about the whereabouts of your packages, then undoubtedly your customers have done the same. A recent study shows that 96% of surveyed track their orders, with 43% tracking their deliveries daily. Millennials are most likely to keep track of their orders daily. Consumers want to track their packages, plain and simple. How do you make sure as a seller, your packages are easy to track?


Reliable Carriers 

Every company has its favorite carriers. If you have carriers that have great tracking and more importantly, up-to-date tracking. Most companies nowadays have a specific and personal tracking page that pulls information from the carriers. If consumers check their packages every day, you need to make sure they’re checking back on something. Not only are reliable carriers great for tracking, but they are also great for getting customers their packages on time. A study from 4over reveals that 87% of respondents say they have had a package delivered late since the COVID-19 pandemic. When you utilize a reliable carrier then consumers are more confident that their packages will arrive safely and on time. 



We are in the age of information. Consumers, as stated above, want more information. The best way to give more information with less work is by leveraging technology. Technological advancements have enabled automated package tracking and notifications to keep you and your customers informed each step of the way. DesktopShipper and Pitney Bowes create customized tracking pages for our e-commerce shippers. Not only does this mean that you’re giving customers an accurate and up-to-date tracking page, but it also is partnered with a reliable and respected carrier, USPS. USPS works great with packages of any size and consumers trust their abilities. 



Parcel insurance, in the past, has been considered your last line of defense as an e-commerce seller, but we are here to change your mind. Parcel insurance is undoubtedly an essential part of shipping in this day and age. As e-commerce grows so does the number of packages moving around the world on a daily basis. Carriers are doing a great job of keeping up with demand, but occasionally things get lost, damaged, or stolen. You can’t control a package as soon as it leaves your doors and that is where parcel insurance comes in. DesktopShipper and Parcel Protection have partnered to bring you the best in class parcel insurance. 


DesktopShipper and Parcel Protection Insurance is here to make your shipping easier. You can purchase DesktopShipper Insurance directly through the shipping interface. With a cost of $1 per $100 unit price, it doesn’t matter what carrier you’re using or how many you’re using, you’re always covered. No matter if your packages are lost, stolen, or damaged, adding this insurance will help you cover the bottom-line costs associated with replacing or refunding your customers. 

-With a cost of $1 per $100 unit price, DesktopShipper Insurance provides users with the ability to insure their orders and navigate claims easily, without having to utilize multiple software programs.

-A damaged or lost package can adversely affect your bottom line, so it is usually a smart idea to add insurance to most orders when shipping them. However, ensuring that more valuable goods are protected in case of damage or loss, is extremely important.

-Claims require Tracking and Ship Date information Note: Claims need to be submitted no sooner than 18 days after shipping for domestic shipments, 35 days after shipping for international shipping, and no later than 90 days after shipping. Learn about the claims process here File a new claim or check the status of an existing claim

-Insurance is not carrier specific and can be applied to any package. 

-Easy to install through the DesktopShipper app. 

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