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Utilizing Multiple Shipping Carriers with Real-Time Rate Shopping

Every e-retailer has a preferred carrier. There are several reasons to love a particular carrier, including their customer service, pricing, and speed, among other factors. When you've been with a carrier for some time, you've probably developed a solid and lasting relationship. A single-carrier system is undoubtedly well-designed for the carrier it represents. As a rule, however, unless you have negotiated an exclusive contract with a carrier, it is generally more beneficial to work with multiple carriers. This may include collaborating with several national carriers or working with a single national carrier and various local carriers.


Shippers who choose to ship their parcels with a particular carrier must comply with the carrier's requirements or run the risk of delivery delays, lost packages, and unexpected surcharges and fees. Regardless of how you structure your system, a multi-carrier system has a lot more advantages. When one carrier is behind schedule with shipments, the next carrier will be able to deliver the parcels to the customer. It is important to note that just because you have multiple carrier accounts does not necessarily mean that you must use each of them on a regular basis. Essentially it's extra insurance and an opportunity to test the waters with other carriers. The benefits are immense.


#ShipTip: If you're still not sure which carrier(s) are best for your business, read our informational article about it here. 


Use A Shipping Solution to Streamline the Process

Are you feeling overwhelmed by options? You may find it challenging to manage multiple carriers if you do not have the correct technology. A shipping solution such as DesktopShipper enables you to manage all of your carriers and determine when the best time is to use them. By automatically identifying the carrier who can provide the best rates to a particular region and according to the shipper's business rules, they ensure that all shipments comply with the carrier's labeling and communication standards and any applicable trade regulations. Using our Carrier Mapping feature, you can set automated rules specific to your company's needs. With the help of this intuitive feature, you can map a shipping method to a particular service or service group. Create distinct preferences based on the carrier that makes sense for your orders. 


So, now you're saving time, but what about money? ​That's where DesktopShipper's Real-time Rate Shopping comes in. Through this feature, your company can rate shop individual orders or batches of orders against all of your carrier partners or specifically selected carriers. By having the opportunity to compare carrier and delivery service options, you are able to make a decision quickly and efficiently, giving your company the confidence it needs to make the most cost-effective decision possible.


In general, the only disadvantage of having a multi-service system is the inability to manage them all. With the right technology, then that isn't even a tiny problem; it becomes a benefit. A multi-carrier shipping solution streamlines the logistics process, from product purchase to carrier delivery. A shipper can leverage multiple carriers from a single, centralized view, ensuring that each shipment receives the best rates, routes, service levels, and transit times. Furthermore, a good solution will also enable shippers to track packages with any carrier, wherever they are located. A multi-carrier system allows your business to pivot at any moment while still servicing customers. Whether your holiday season goals are to save money or get your customers their packages as quickly as possible, DesktopShipper's software can help you reach those goals.

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