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DesktopShipper: Quality Certified by Acumatica

DesktopShipper proudly holds the Acumatica-Certified Application (ACA) designation, reflecting our commitment to quality, security, and performance. This certification ensures our solutions meet the highest standards, providing seamless and secure integration with Acumatica’s ERP systems.

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ERP Meets OMS Shipping

DesktopShipper is an integrated shipping and order management solution for Acumatica customers. Our platform is designed for enterprise e-commerce retailers and fulfillment companies looking to improve their margins by reducing shipping costs and eliminating manual decision-making to increase operational efficiency. With DesktopShipper, orders from all of your sales channels are consolidated into a unified, workflow-based interface where they can be processed at scale with real-time carrier rates.

At the core of our solution is our unique client-profile-based platform architecture, advanced business rule logic, and extensive carrier integrations. These allow you to set very detailed configurations for each location within your operation. Once configured, these features work in tandem to automate complex decision-making, thus offloading the burden of manual input, reducing human error, and shortening the time it takes to ship packages.


DesktopShipper Integrates with Acumatica through Two Primary Methods

Shipment Pull and Writeback:

DesktopShipper scans barcodes/LPNs to retrieve shipment details for rating and labeling, and then sends a writeback to Acumatica with the shipment confirmation details. By setting predefined SKU-to-box assignments, our platform automates box selection, optimizes space utilization, and minimizes packaging waste, enabling you to rate and ship an order with a single click.

Sales Order to Shipment:

DesktopShipper extracts sales orders to allocate and pack items, rate and label them, and confirm the shipment status in Acumatica as fully shipped. This method allows selective importation of specific sales order types, allowing for more focused handling and processing of orders. DesktopShipper's advanced business rule logic can be trusted to automatically route orders accurately.


Key Benefits and Expectations

Leverage the power of DesktopShipper and Acumatica to boost operational efficiency and provide a seamless delivery experience from start to finish.

➕Seamless Integration

Ensure smooth data flow, keeping order information, tracking details, and inventory levels up-to-date.

95+ integrations with major e-commerce platforms and carriers.

Flexible deployment methods: Web App, API, On-Premise Hybrid.

Consulting, Implementation, and Support services are available.

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As businesses grow, their systems must evolve to support increased demand, ensuring that businesses can expand their operations confidently.

✅ Rate shop entire batches, processing multiple threads simultaneously.

✅ Flexible batching and multi-box shipments. 

✅ Customizable order grid with advanced search and tagging.

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🗺️Enhanced Efficiency

Enabling faster order processing times and improved customer satisfaction, from purchase to delivery.

✅ Scan to print labels and PDF output capabilities.

✅Automatically prevent duplicate label printing.

✅Automated packing optimization with Cartonization.

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💫Data-Driven Decision Making

Real-time visibility into shipping costs, delivery times, and inventory levels allows for more strategic planning and optimization of resources.

✅ Shop real-time rates across carriers and compare rates across different accounts of the same carrier.

Integrated customs documentation for international shipments.

Discounted carrier rates for USPS, UPS, and others.

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Acumatica leads in cloud ERP innovation, providing global businesses with cutting-edge solutions. Their cloud and mobile capabilities, combined with comprehensive user licensing, offer instant operational insights accessible anytime, anywhere. Through a global partnership network, Acumatica delivers a wide range of integrated business management tools, driving mid-sized enterprises to success in dynamic markets.


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