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The Top Features Of Our Shipping Software

Managing and shipping your orders can consume a lot of your time. Ship more efficiently with the features our ecommerce software has to offer.

Managing and shipping your orders can consume a lot of your time. Retailers nationwide can benefit from improving their shipping services and streamlining their workflow to increase order accuracy and lower customer shipping costs. If you’re looking for a web-based order management system that can scale to all of your company’s needs and ultimately save you time and money, DesktopShipper is here to help!

We provide both hosted and on-premise applications to help you easily manage and track all of your orders and processing data. DesktopShipper is designed to help automate your shipping process, relying on numerous partners and carriers to deliver the most robust and cost-effective platform available.

Today, we’ll begin to highlight a few of the top features of our shipping software to give you an idea of how much control you can have at your fingertips for fast, effective, and accurate shipping services. Ready to get started? Contact us today!



The ability to pull orders in real-time in a simple, versatile platform can do much to improve your company’s bottom line. DesktopShipper proudly offers an easy-to-read system to provide you with all the information you need in one simple, centralized view.

Order management can make or break a company, which is why it pays to invest in an automated shipping program to help create a clear picture of your company’s success. See how affordable both our web and desktop applications can be before signing up today!



Accuracy is vital when it comes to providing fast, reliable shipping services. DesktopShipper will double-check where all of your orders are going, providing real-time address validations to catch any errors before the product is sent out. If any mistakes are made, our address validation allows easy overrides.



You have the power to create custom profiles to set your unique shipping requirements for each customer. Our shipping software allows you to set your origin and return locations, link carriers to specific accounts, packing slips, marketplaces, and more. This feature is easy to use and lets you create as many profiles as you need.



Printing your labels can be simplified as well to save time. You can install our print app on any computer, providing access to any printers on your network. Our cloud-based shipping software can also link your printer to the cloud to let you create and send labels anywhere at any time.



Automated shipping can help to reduce waste and boost your bottom line. DesktopShipper’s intuitive carrier routing feature allows you to map specific shipping methods to match every group’s needs. You can map a variety of preferences to create the most efficient shipping routes.



Fulfillment centers with large amounts of inventory can face challenges when it comes to properly organizing and grouping products. Our program allows you to create custom filters to group orders in order to match your metrics, including the product sku, item locations, marketplaces, shipping method, and more.



Our order management system allows you to customize your packing slips in any manner you’d like! You have the power to change the packing slip size, print location, and assign personalized slips for each customer. This process allows you to further automate your shipping, relying on pre-made pack slips to get your products out the door. Need help designing your own label? Contact us today, and one of our representatives will be happy to help!



Now, you can organize and assign batches in order to simplify bulk orders. DesktopShipper allows you to assign a printing sequence and print your shipping labels with the click of a button. Our batch management feature allows you to organize and print batch orders, regardless of the number of products or carriers involved.



The last thing you want to do is to spend 10 frustrating minutes trying to locate specific orders. Our advanced search feature allows you to perform in-depth searches that meet a variety of order criteria. Plan on utilizing this search in the future? Save your search criteria for simplified repeat searches!



The ability to fulfill large orders will normally rely on a picklist which clearly organizes what products need to be collected. Our order management system allows you to easily generate reports associated to a batch, consolidating every item needed for fulfillment. You can tailor this report to include the sku, location, product title, and even the item images, if available.



Our desktop- and web-based shipping solutions are built to provide ideal results for retailers across the industry. DesktopShipper’s shipping application programming interface (API) feature gives you the ability to leverage your versatile shipping options, functioning seamlessly with a number of carriers to provide the best experience for customers. You can improve your process with successful API integrations for UPS, FedEx, USPS, DHL, and more.

No matter the size or complexity of your orders, relying on the accuracy and security of our cloud-based order management system can help to increase your revenue. Partnering with the top carriers in the nation also helps to boost sales!



The ability to display the Amazon Prime badge on your orders will make your business much more appealing to customers, increasing sales across a variety of marketplaces. Seller Fulfilled Prime relies on fast, efficient shipping services to create expedient outcomes for customers across the globe. Learn more about the value of our marketplace partners before trying DesktopShipper today!


Ready to get started? Contact us online with any questions, or register now for your free trial!

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