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The Power Of Free Shipping

These days, online retailers rely on a number of tactics and practices to gain an edge over the competition. Customers are always on the lookout for trustworthy vendors, and will tend to offer their continuing business to companies that meet their expectations. Whether you promote excellent customer service, unique products, or anything in between, it’s important to deliver the best value in your own unique way.

One factor that you should invest a lot of your energy into is your available shipping services. Online shoppers are always on the hunt for cost-effective and trustworthy products, and often shy away from high shipping costs. Regardless of the total cost, many consumers will abandon their carts simply because they don’t like the idea of paying too much for shipping.

DesktopShipper is here to serve as your source for comprehensive shipping solutions and automation, delivering a full range of features to empower you to grow your business. Our web-based and on-premise shipping software is scalable to your business’ needs, partnering with the country’s best carriers to enable you to offer better shipping options.



20 years ago, most consumers were focused on price and quality. While this hasn’t changed in recent decades, the dynamic of shopping certainly has. Your customers will rely heavily on price to narrow down their searches, making it essential for you to offer the best prices you can feasibly leverage. Many e-commerce businesses focus on their shipping costs and options to gain an edge in their market.

Regardless of the price tag, free shipping has evolved to become a major buying point for customers. Studies have been done to illuminate the value of cost-effective shipping services, and the results are clear:

  • 80% of Americans are now shopping online. This calendar year will also see roughly 224 million dollars in digital sales (Fit Small Business).
  • 47% of shoppers said that free shipping was the deciding factor when deciding who to purchase from online (National Retail Federation).
  • 55% of shoppers stated that free shipping was their most important checkout option (Pixel Union).
  • Nearly 25% of online shoppers abandon their carts throughout the checkout process due to hidden or unexpected costs (Small Biz Trendz).



Online shopping has seen a major increase in recent years, as more and more consumers surf the web to find the most affordable prices for their favorite products. The general consensus is that online businesses will offer better price tags because they can avoid the costs of brick and mortar locations. The only downside to buying online is the cost of shipping a product from your business to your customer’s doorstep.

The shipping options that you provide will help to set your e-commerce business apart from in-store locations. In order to make a splash in the online marketplace, owners are offering cost-effective shipping solutions.



There are numerous strategies available to e-commerce owners to improve conversions and spending. Enticing shoppers with free shipping on all of your products will provide an increase in return business, as consumers will return to sites that meet all of their shopping needs. Instead of offering free shipping on all products, your business may see better success in setting a spending minimum. “Free shipping on orders over $50” can incentivize your customers to add on additional products. If you have products that are taking up space in your warehouse, you can also elect to provide free shipping on select items.



Customer frustration can reveal itself in the number of abandoned carts you see. Free shipping options can help to simplify your checkout process, reducing any anxiety associated with discovering hidden charges. Partnering with carriers such as USPS, FedEx, UPS, and DHL can expand your ability to ship worldwide in the most cost-effective manner possible, translating to premium shipping results for the consumer.

Free shipping is a highly valued term in the online marketplace, both for entrepreneurs and customers. If you’re ready to simplify your shipping services and order management process, be sure to reach out to our experts. We can help you implement your shipping software for the best results!



Ultimately, the best advantage you can expect from offering free shipping to your customers is the ability to stay competitive with today’s biggest retailers. Websites such as Amazon offer a variety of advantageous shipping choices to create the best fit for customers. DesktopShipper’s order management automation and shipping solutions can enable you to tailor your pricing to stay up to speed with your top competition. Keep in mind that online shoppers worry the most about shipping. Even if your price tag is not as low as the other guy’s, your quality shipping services may win the sale!

DesktopShipper can integrate your existing platform to achieve the Amazon Prime badge, enhancing your shipping speeds while also opening up your business to the world’s largest online store. Seller-Fulfilled Prime orders must be shipped in a fast and accurate manner, with the upside being a significant increase in sales. Learn more about the features of our shipping management software, then be sure to begin your free trial through our web-based services!

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