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Top Shipping Considerations In Ecommerce

As the owner of an eComm store, you’re likely on the lookout for any products or services that can streamline your order fulfillment demands. Successfully implementing the right shipping software can do a lot  to improve your bottom line, improving accuracy, efficiency, and affordability.

In order to achieve the best results, it’s important to fully consider all of the demands of your online store and its shipping needs. If you’re ready to partner with a shipping solutions provider dedicated to your success, DesktopShipper is here and happy to help! Our shipping software offers unbeatable features to seamlessly integrate into your existing program, relying on our shipping API, desktop, and cloud-based solutions to enhance eCommerce clients of all sizes.

Be sure to sign up for our free trial to see how beneficial our software can be, and keep reading about the top things to consider for your store’s shipping needs.


Your business can only work toward success once you set attainable and measurable goals. When it comes to the shipping process, most entrepreneurs rely on a core of standard goals to:

  • Reduce costs — The fulfillment process can be rife with inefficiencies, all of which can sap your bottom line. You can invest in shipping software to decrease costs while increasing order accuracy and fulfillment speed.
  • Improve efficiency — How your team packages goods and prints labels can provide room for improvement. Shipping solutions, such as DesktopShipper, can help to eliminate redundancies and further automate your processes.
  • Expand market availability — Most eCommerce businesses put expanding their reach to new customers as a top priority. If you’re hoping to expand your customer base, try offering free shipping and different shipping options, like two-day and expedited shipping.  
  • Increase order values — Your average order value (AOV) is a good value to focus on. Shipping benefit thresholds, promotional advantages, and other tactics can help to increase the size of your sales.
  • Increase sales — Ultimately, online stores strive to increase the number of conversions through their digital marketplace. We recommend testing out several shipping options to find the best choice for increasing your number of sales. 


Before making a decision on your shipping options (read more below), it's essential to clearly define your shipping goals and examine the technical specifications of your products to assess their suitability for securing cost-effective shipping solutions. Ensure you evaluate your needs in three key areas:

  • Product dimensions — Are all of your products small and easy to transport, or are they large, bulky, and difficult to ship? Stores with uniformly sized merchandise can achieve a simple solution in pricing their shipping per item and zone. If you provide products in all sizes, then it’s best to get your rates directly from DesktopShipper with our deeply discounted shipping rates. 
  • Shipping destinations — Where you ship your products will also play a large role in determining your shipping needs. Domestic orders can benefit from simplified pricing structures, but international shipping will prove more challenging.
  • Unique needs — Every business is unique, and will require a personalized plan to create the best results. In most cases, this step is beneficial in lowering your final shipping costs.


In nearly every study recorded, participants rate the cost of shipping as their primary reason for abandoning their carts.. Costly shipping may end up costing you more than you think!

With the right shipping software, online businesses can offer a range of delivery options to optimize their success. As our previous blog post highlighted, free shipping is the go-to gold standard in online commerce, generating sales on products that are often more expensive or lower in quality compared to competitors. If you cannot achieve free shipping feasibly, then offering other options such as flat-rate shipping, live rates, and other combinations can be utilized to incentivize sales.


As Amazon has showed us, marketing your high-quality products does not have to stop at checkout. Many e-commerce businesses strive to stand out from the competition, and a unique branding effort may prove to be an ideal route for success. 

There are numerous approaches in creating the best experience for customers, including high-quality packaging. Whether you want to make an impression with easily recognizable branding or you want to make the unpacking process a fun adventure, taking the time to spruce up your package before delivery may provide the right style of marketing. With DesktopShipper, you can add branding requirements, like a unique logo, to your packing slips which will customize the shipping experience for each of your customers. 

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