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Is Black Friday Dead?

Black Friday has drastically changed throughout the years. Is Black Friday now dead as we know it? Time will only tell but as of right now, it is...

Ecommerce News

Singles Day 2020

Singles Day is the fast growing, and most profitable shopping holiday of the year, yet many Americans haven't heard of it.

Ecommerce News

October 2020 E-commerce Wrap-Up

From packaging, shipping, sales, and online shopping, here is the DesktopShipper wrap-up of the top ecommerce headlines from October

Ecommerce News

Handling Q4 Fatigue

With both consumer spending and shipping costs increasing, using these ecommerce tips can help take the stress out of your Q4.

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Grow Your Business, Not Your Workload

Here are the best ways to maximize profits while minimizing time spent on the day to day of your e-commerce business. Grow your business with these...