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DesktopShipper has a New Logo

DesktopShipper is THRILLED to announce we have a brand-new logo. This logo is the first step towards a bright future and many updates to come within DesktopShipper.

Today is a big day for DesktopShipper. As part of our company's ongoing evolution, we are pleased to announce the launch of the redesigned company logo. Having grown and evolved over the past 18 years, we believe it is time to make a change. This logo represents who we are today and how we plan to move forward in the future, symbolizing a focus on technology and excellence. 


By combining the "D" and the "S", we demonstrate how our on-premises and cloud-based software complement each other. The gradient "blues" elegantly showcase movement, representing the forward momentum in our industry and an exciting future where we will deliver even better software, services, and features for DesktopShipper. It encapsulates our vision of positioning DesktopShipper as the most convenient and reliable shipping technology available today. Since the beginning of 2020, the technology and logistics industries have been growing rapidly. We're excited to continue to evolve and grow with it.

“We are excited to unveil this new logo as it is a great representation of where our technology and services are headed and the overall future of Destopshipper. We are launching several new and innovative changes within the next few months, including a brand-new user interface, upgraded features, and industry-leading integrations, further enhancing the e-commerce industry and benefiting all DesktopShipper customers.”

Wade Ransom, VP Business Development


Our next steps will be to update all of our documents, webpages, and software user interfaces with the updated logo. In recognition of the fact that changing a logo is a complex and lengthy process, we will conduct the task as quickly as possible for a smooth transition. In the coming weeks, we will continue to develop new ways to improve the user experience while staying true to the same reliable technology and service that our clients have come to expect since 2004.

DS NEW Logo (1260 × 400 px) (72 × 30 in)


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