Introducing Amazon Shipping

Amazon Shipping offers reliable and on-time ground shipping for Amazon selling partners. Discover the ground shipping service that keeps you in control, seven days a week.

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Simplify Delivery with DesktopShipper and Amazon Shipping

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Key Benefits and Expectations


Reliable and On-time Delivery

Enjoy peace of mind knowing your parcels will arrive on time, seven days a week, including weekends.

24/7 Shipment Tracking

Stay in control with 24/7 warehouse-to-door tracking, including photo confirmation upon delivery.

Simple, Transparent Rates

Avoid hidden fees with Amazon Shipping’s straightforward pricing, free of residential and weekend delivery charges.

Daily Pickup and Delivery

Rain or shine (Saturdays and Sundays, too), we deliver what matters most - Seven days a week.

Hassle-Free Claims

Experience a stress-free claims process, with most claims resolved within 24 hours.

Dedicated Carrier Support

Access dedicated support from Amazon when you need it, including email, chat, and callback options.


Compare Amazon Shipping Rates within DesktopShipper's Web App

DesktopShipper users are in for significant savings, with an average of $3.50 per label saved when leveraging our Real-time Rate Shopping Feature.

Enjoy Amazon Shipping's straightforward pricing, with no residential fees or weekend delivery charges. This means transparent and competitive pricing without additional fees for weekend deliveries or residential surcharges.

Together, this translates to straightforward rates at costs that align perfectly with your business needs.

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Required Steps for Implementing a New Amazon Shipping Account within DesktopShipper

  1. If you're new to DesktopShipper, create an account here.

  2. In the DesktopShipper WebApp, navigate to Settings > Carrier Accounts > Amazon Shipping.

  3. If you already have an Amazon Seller Account, provide all the required information. If you don't have one, start by creating a new Amazon Shipping Account.

  4. After filling in the necessary details, authorize your account through the Amazon Pop-up window.

  5. Activate your newly added Amazon Shipping account in your DesktopShipper profile(s).

To finalize the setup, test the functionality by rating and processing an Amazon Shipping shipment. If you encounter any difficulties, don't hesitate to seek assistance from a DesktopShipper implementation or support technician.


Learn more about Amazon Shipping and DesktopShipper

Why do I need DesktopShipper?

Companies who invest in DesktopShipper save money and time. Shipping solutions are necessary for both small and large e-commerce retailers and distributors. An excellent shipping system will help your business with order management, batch management, rate shopping, marketplace integration, batch printing, and item tracking. Doing all of these things by hand or individually will waste time, money, and resources.

What weight and dimensions can I ship with Amazon Shipping?

You can ship a variety of packages with Amazon Shipping, from small to large sizes, up to 59x33x33 inches and weighing up to 50lb. Once onboarded, you will have access to shipper help content with further details on packing and labelling guidance ahead of your first pickup.

Where is Amazon Shipping Available?

While delivery is available across the continental US, currently, Amazon Shipping offers pickup services in several major cities, including Atlanta, Philadelphia, Chicago, Cincinnati, Dallas, Detroit, Los Angeles, Nashville, New York, Orlando, Phoenix, San Francisco, Kansas City, Houston, and Seattle.

What if I have more questions?

Contact support with any additional questions regarding registration, setup, and more. You can access Support via email, phone, or Live Chat within the webapp. 


Ready to Start Shipping?

Not only do you get shipping rates with DesktopShipper, but you can also sync, filter, and rate-shop orders for multiple marketplaces through one centralized view. Increase your throughput, handle more volume with advanced shipping integrations, and reduce errors with automation.